What You Need To Know About Frizzy Hair And How To Manage It

Does your frizzy hair bother you?  Why do you have that frizz in the first place? According to dermatologist, the main reason for your frizzy hair is because the hair moisture decreases, making it dry and damaged. When it is severely damaged, your hair becomes porous and absorbs excessive moisture.

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What causes your hair to frizz? We reveal the factors that contributes to your frizzy hair.

Blame it to your genes.

  • If you possess curly, wavy and coarse hair, you are prone to frizz. Why? The cuticles present in curly or wavy hair do not lie flat due to its spiraling shape, where the moisture escapes easily. In addition, applying natural oil or sebum makes it hard as this product does not settle evenly on long curly hair.

Lack of nutrition

  • To keep your hair strong and lustrous, you have to nourish it from the inside out. If you are deficient from vitamins and minerals, it will affect the appearance of your hair. It will make your hair dry, damaged and frizzy. Likewise, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are linked to premature greying of hair.
  • To prevent frizzy hair, eat protein-rich food. Great sources of protein are fish, chicken, lean meat, eggs, beans, yogurt and soy products. Because keratin is the main component of your hair, you have to strengthen it as keratin gives your hair the necessary thickness, body, strength and elasticity.
  • Indulge also in vitamins A, B, C and E to give your hair the proper growth it needs. This will also help maintain the moisture balanced in the hair.  Get the vitamins and minerals from these sources: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods and dairy products.

Health conditions

  • If you are under stress, it affects your physical and emotional state. Likewise, it takes toll on your hair. Pregnancy also causes hair to dry and frizz due to hormonal changes. Those with thyroid problems are at risks of several hair woes.  Taking prescription medications for the treatment of arthritis, gout, heart problems and hypertension can also be a culprit to your dry and frizzy hair.

Your age

  • Age is another contributing factor for frizzy hair. As you age, the rate of hair growth slows down and the strands become smaller and finer in time.


  • Also to blame are your overexposure to nature’s elements like humidity, strong wind and sun as these environmental factors cause your hair to frizz. Same thing goes with overexposure to saltwater and chlorine as it adds damage to your hair by weakening your hair’s ability to retain moisture.

Hair care habits, styling tools and products

  • You bad hair habits as well as too much use of styling products and tools brings frizz to your tresses.

To get rid of one of the most common hair woes of many women, take notice of the following ways to control it.

Condition your hair.

  • Use deep conditioner after washing and leave it on for at least five minutes. Frizz occurs when the hair is dry, porous and sucks moisture in the air that causes the hair shaft to swell.  Deep conditioning your tresses coats the hair shaft making it harder for moisture to sink in. You can also use natural oil or frizz cream to prevent frizz. Natural oil absorbs better into the hair compared to synthetic moisturizers.

Don’t brush your hair after it dries.

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  • Brushing your dry hair does not only mess up your hair’s cuticle, it can also stretch hair, leading to breaks.

Avoid heat.

  • Heat damages the hair and it causes it to become frizzy and frayed. As much as possible, avoid using flat irons or curling irons and limit the use of blow dryer.
  • If you cannot avoid using heating hair tools, spritz on a heat protecting spray before blow drying or styling the hair with flatiron or curling iron to protect your locks from further damage.

Say goodbye to towel drying.

  • Towel drying your hair makes it the hair cuticle rough, that it won’t lie flat, making it appear frizzy. Use a super absorbent microfiber towel or a cotton shirt to press water gently out of your tresses. After drying, brush, comb or finger-comb your hair. Apply leave on conditioner or anti-frizz products to keep it from frizzing.
  • You may apply silicone serum, which works by coating the strand to ensure that the cuticle stays smooth. Distribute the serum using a wide-tooth comb and let the hair dry or style it with a blow dryer.

Have a weekly hot oil treatment

  • This treatment is not as heavy as a mask so it won’t make your hair down. Choose the one with jojoba oil to provide strength to the cuticle and further prevent frizz. Apply it below your ears so the crown does not get too flat.

Use alcohol-free hair products

  • Alcohol can dry out the hair that causes your frizz. Most hair sprays and mousses used to your hair have high alcohol content that causes swelling in your cuticle. To prevent it from happening, switch for alcohol-free products. Most salon quality shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays do not contain as many harsh ingredients like alcohol as compared to commercial hair product.

Use round brush to make your hair smooth.

  • Using round brush while blow-drying can help smoothen the cuticles flat.

Dry only the hair roots.

  • Hair stylists suggest blow-drying the roots of your hair to give it a lift, preventing the shaft and tips from drying.

Go easy with hair styling tools.

  • Relaxers and straighteners can add to brittleness of your locks, leading to breakage so go easy on these products.

Go for protein-infused conditioner.

  • Read and check the label first. It is good if you are using a conditioner with protein in it as it will both manage the frizz and create shine to your hair.

Comb dry hair with wet fingers.

  • Because frizzy hair is dry, it needs moisture. Hence, water can help in taming your frizz.  Hair stylists suggest wetting your hands and finger-comb your hair to tackle frizz and tame tangles.

Use ionic hair dryer.

  • Ionic dryers are different from your regular blow dryers as they reduce frizz by compressing the cuticle that locks out puff-inducing moisture.

Tame flyaways, too.

  • To tame your hair flyaways, mist a shine spray onto a large toothbrush and skim it over the hair to grab individual untamed strands.


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