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What You Need to Know About Infrared Sauna

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It’s a fact that sweating is the body’s way of regulating the body temperature. That’s why you sweat a lot when the weather is hot or you are exercising in order to keep your body cool. Did you know that sweating also helps purify your body?

Your skin is one of your major organs of elimination, and it flushes out toxins and impurities by means of sweating. This is why encouraging your body to sweat is a great way to make sure that you are in the pink of health. But what if you cannot exercise because of an injury or you just feel so tired? This is when the benefit of hitting the sauna steps into the scene.

Fret not if the thought alone of being in a room where the temperature is sweltering hot is something you cannot stand. There is an alternative to traditional saunas. It’s called infrared sauna. According to its proponents, the benefits it offers is far more impressive than the kind of sauna you have known all these years.

Just like what the name suggests, it uses infrared radiation to heat up your body. Upon stepping foot inside a room where infrared is being given off, you will immediately notice one thing — the enclosure is at room temperature. Yes, there’s no blistering heat that a lot of people cannot stand in traditional saunas. But don’t assume that infrared sauna is not as good as traditional sauna because there is no heat present. In fact, this is what makes infrared sauna works very well.

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What you don’t know is this: the radiation being emitted by an infrared lamp situated somewhere in the room is actually capable of penetrating deep into the skin, heating you from within. In other words, it’s heating you down to a cellular level. It’s nothing like being in a traditional sauna which attempts to heat up your skin, oftentimes to an uncomfortable level. You can tell that infrared radiation is doing its job because you are sweating profusely!

Since the kind of radiation involved is deep penetrating, you can rest assured that it can target all the toxins and impurities that you need to flush out of your system. It also stimulates a state of having fever, and it can work to your advantage. This is actually encouraging your immune system to kill off invading microorganisms. It also speeds up your metabolic rate to accelerate your various bodily processes, and this can help you shed off unwanted pounds. Infrared sauna is like burning a lot of calories even while you’re just sitting or lying down and enjoying a relaxing time inside the enclosure.

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Let us take a quick look at the numerous benefits infrared sauna is known to bring:

• It is very relaxing. It has something to do with the fact that it does not rely on harsh temperatures just to make you sweat. You cannot feel infrared. The only sign that it is working is you are sweating a lot.

• It is good for the skin. Aside from helping to remove impurities trapped in the layers of your skin, infrared sauna also encourages the production of collagen, a substance that makes the skin soft and elastic.

• It helps detoxify your body. One of the reasons why you sweat is to help eliminate anything that is not supposed to be in your body. By heating your body to a cellular level, detoxification can be so effective.

• It helps you lose weight. There are a couple of reasons why infrared sauna can make you slimmer. First, it lets you lose water weight. Second, it promotes an accelerated metabolic rate.

• It gets rid of aches and pains. Got stiff joints and painful muscles? Let the deep-penetrating action of infrared get rid of those problems. It promotes blood circulation, hastening the healing of your body.

• It promotes overall health. Since infrared sauna encourages better blood circulation, your cells and tissues can get all the nutrients and oxygen they need, allowing you to attain optimum health.

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