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What You Need to Treat Your Holiday Hangover

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Holiday get-togethers are around the corner which means that there will be plenty of food and booze that you are sure to indulge in. Although there is nothing wrong with indulging during the holidays, if you had one too many drinks, you might end up with a hangover the following day. And we all know how bad a hangover can be! But as much as we want to avoid the pounding headache, and the dryness to our mouth, we often seem to make the mistake of drinking one more shot of alcohol in parties. How then will you be able to treat your holiday hangover?


The effects of your holiday hangover can be reduced significantly if you add eggs to your morning breakfast. Eggs are known to contain cysteine which is a type of amino acid that can easily break down any impurities, preservatives, or toxins even that are present in your body. Having some the following day can alleviate the symptoms of hangover significantly.

Drink some water

If you are feeling a little worse for wear, why not drink two glasses of water to help speed up the release of toxins in your body and help rehydrate you as well? The problem with drinking alcohol is that it can leave you dehydrated which contributes to the hangover. Make sure that you up your intake of water as much as possible to revive your senses.

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Moving around may be the last thing on your mind when you have a hangover but getting your blood flowing is one way to reduce the headache, dry mouth, and stomach problems that you are having because of your hangover. A good exercise that will work for you is yoga which can help with your dizziness, headache, and such. Try the cat pose for your headache problems and the tree pose if you are feeling dizzy.

Take a shower

While waiting for the water that you have drunk to take effect, why not take a shower? Or a sauna even? The water can help flush the toxins that are present on the surface of your skin which can help you feel better in no time. Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it may have absorbed quite a lot of toxins from your drinking binge. Cleansing your skin can help you feel right as rain in no time.

Lemon and water

Combining lemon and water is yet another hangover remedy that you should try. For one thing, lemon is one of the best sources of alkaline which can help bring balance to your body. Take this concoction 10 minutes after drinking 2 glasses of water to expedite the toxic clean-up in your body.

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Rest up

There is nothing wrong with taking a break after a night of partying especially when it is a weekend. It’s true that we need to sleep at night to repair our body, but it is okay to take naps in the day time to help speed up the healing process. So, the next time that you will be out partying over the holidays, make sure that you have ample time to rest the following day so you will be able to recuperate from your hangover.

Consume electrolytes

The problem with drinking alcohol is that it can rob you of electrolytes thus leaving your body feeling weak and in need of hydration. If you do not replenish your store of electrolytes, you will experience diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and even excessive sweating just to name a few. Sports drinks and even coconut water can help replenish the lost electrolytes in your body easily.


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