Whiten Your Teeth Using Aluminum Foil and Baking Soda

Everyone dreams of having a winning smile. However, not all people can afford those expensive whitening solutions available at pharmacies and in the dentist’s clinic!

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If you don’t have budget for a costly teeth whitening procedure done at home or performed by a professional, fret not. There are numerous homemade solutions available that are proven to help remove surface stains, making your choppers look whiter. There is also something that you may perform right in the comfort of your own home, a solution that’s cheap and easy to carry out.

It’s something that requires you to get your hands on a sheet of aluminum foil and some baking soda. Many swear by the effectiveness of this simple solution in giving them pearly whites that can stop traffic.

Before we tackle this pocket-friendly and easy-to-follow remedy for discolored teeth, let us first put the spotlight on an OTC teeth whitening solution which consists of a whitening gel and tray. Here are some of the reasons why a lot of consumers and dental professionals alike frown down upon the use of such readily-available whitening kit:

• It consists of chemicals that can leave the gums irritated and inflamed. Since having healthy gums is necessary for having beautiful teeth, you should take good care of those. Otherwise, you may in fact end up losing your teeth if you damage your gums and the other supporting structures of your pearly whites.

• Your teeth may wind up being very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This does not come as a surprise because the gel that whitens your teeth contains strong chemicals that can actually erode the enamel, the protective coating of your teeth. Especially when overused, an at-home teeth whitening kit may leave you with sensitive choppers.

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• The bleach found in such product may in fact leave your teeth with a blush tint. Pearly whites are called that way because they are supposed to be white — not blue or any other color you can think of. What’s more, a lot of consumers complain that their teeth end up unevenly colored after using such whitening kit. This is something that can be expected because of the enamel’s erosion.

• Prolonged use of OTC teeth whitening may cause structural damage to your teeth, leaving them brittle and prone to developing cavities. Again, this has something to do with the fact that the enamel of the teeth is damaged by harsh bleaching chemicals. What’s the sense of having white teeth if they’re chipped?

These are some of the nightmares you may have to face if you constantly rely on those at-home whitening kits that you can easily order these days on the internet and offline. Aren’t you glad that there are numerous all-natural solutions for making your teeth dazzling? Let us now discuss a highly effective way to whiten your teeth:

What you need:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Baking soda
  • Your favorite toothpaste

How it is done:

  1. Grab a piece of aluminum foil and place it on your teeth. Make sure that you mold your choppers correctly as this will serve as your whitening tray.
  2. Remove from your mouth and set aside.
  3. In a small bowl, mix equal amounts of baking soda and your favorite toothpaste.
  4. Spread generous amounts of the resulting paste on the inside part of your whitening tray out of aluminum foil.
  5. Place your makeshift whitening tray in your mouth. Leave it there for about an hour to give the homemade whitening paste plenty of time to dissolve surface stains.
  6. Remove the tray and brush your teeth gently.

This very simple solution should be performed once a week only. It won’t take long before everyone notices your brand new smile. Make sure that you practice good oral hygiene and limit the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine and others that can leave your pearly whites stained.

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