Why Are You Hungry All The Time?

Hunger is one of those things that can affect us emotionally, physically and mentally. No matter how strong you are as a person, once hunger strikes there is no escape. Willpower tends to go out the door, concentration lacking and the ache in the pit of your stomach incredibly distracting. Hunger is normal. It’s something we experience when our body needs fuel to function. Though, there are some people that experience the constant need to eat even though they are already full. This is called the Prader-Willi Syndrome. This is a disease that causes the sufferer to have an insatiable appetite. This is an extreme when it comes to constantly feeling hungry, this is a case where the sufferer has no control and will not stop eating until someone forces them to. In some cases, some people experience the constant need to eat every few hours or experience hunger more frequently than others. There are certain things we do or eat that causes us to feel constantly hungry. We’ve compiled some of the top reasons and why it increases your need to eat.

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Lack of Sleep

Most of us manage to go through our day with only four to six hours of sleep at night. We get too adjusted to this sleeping pattern that we fail to recognize the effects of it on our body. When the body doesn’t have enough rest, our body functions tend to slow down, even the production of hormones. One thing that causes us to feel hungry is the lack of the hormone leptin. This is a hormone that sends signals to our brain that we are full. Lack of sleep also increases the production of the hormone ghrelin. This hormone increase hunger. Another reason why you tend to eat a lot more when you are sleep deprived is because the brain starts to stimulate food as a source of replacement for sleep or pleasure.

Fast Metabolism

There are some blessed people in the world and if you have an insatiable hunger you might be one of them. Thanks to genetics, there are some of us who are gifted with a naturally fast metabolism. This allows the body to burn more calories, in turn, it needs more fuel causing you to eat more. People that have fast metabolism can burn about 400 calories more than the average person. Muscles can also cause you to burn more calories and have a faster metabolism. This is often the reason why body builders require more calories and eat more frequently.

Craving and Hunger

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We often mistake cravings and hunger. There is a big difference in “I need to eat” to “I want to eat”. Hunger is a part of our biology that signals physical symptoms such as shakiness, intestinal contractions and hunger. Cravings are psychological. It increases your desire to consume a particular food. Often these two occur together. However, most of the time what we think is hunger is actually cravings. For you to determine which is which is to wait for 30 minutes before eating anything. The cravings usually subside after a few minutes.


Your favorite TV dinner paired with a bottle of beer may seem like the perfect night. But your favorite alcoholic beverage can be causing you to feel hungry all he time. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol increases the production of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger. Drinking alcohol with your meals can increase your appetite and can continue for your next meal. Try to lessen the amount of alcohol you consume and see if there is a difference in your hunger levels.


We live in a time where everything is fast paced, even when it comes to eating. Quick meals and speed eating can save you a lot of time, but this can affect your body in the long run. Eating quickly can cause the signal that goes to your brain that you are full to become a lot slower. In time, this will prevent you from ever feeling completely full. You will then have the constant need to eat. Studies have proven that eating slower can make you feel fuller.

These are some of the reasons why you may be hungry all the time. If your hunger is affecting your health and is inhibiting your quality of life, go to your doctor. The hunger you’re feeling maybe something else. Excessive acid in the stomach can imitate hunger. If you are prone to acidity, try using anti acid before eating to help reduce stomach acidity. After a few minutes, if the hunger doesn’t subside eat a small snack.

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