Why is it Important to Eat Fruits?

Fruits are essential for a healthy and balanced diet. It is low in cholesterol, sodium and calories. Fruits are also rich in vitamins, nutrients and mineral. Cup of fruit a day is important to a healthy diet.

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Here are some other important reasons to eat fruits.
• Protection from different types of cancer
• Lowers risk of getting chronic illnesses
• Reduce rick of heart attack and stroke. Good for heart health.
• Fruits are rich in potassium, this lowers the risk or bone damage and developing kidney stones.
• It is rich in Fiber, essential for regular bowel movements, lowering cholesterol and protection from type two diabetes.
• It is known to fight off obesity.
• Keeps the body fuller longer and has small amounts of calorie.
• Rich in vitamin C and Antioxidants hat can boost immunity and promote growth of healthy cells.
• Antioxidants also help with cell regeneration and healthy gums.
• Folic acid in fruits helps form new red blood cells. Pregnant women who consume more folic acid in their diet have a lower risk of developing spina bifida and neural tube defects during fetal development.
• Eating fruits daily protects the body from viruses and bacteria.
• Fruits lower the risk of contracting colds, coughs and flus.
• Fruits are a great source of good sugar.
• A better and more refreshing alternative to junk food.

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Things to remember:
• Clean the fruit properly before consumption. Some fruits are full of pesticides, these pesticides have harmful ingredients that can damage the body.
• Store fruits in room temperature or in pantries.
• Don’t buy fruits in bulks, they tend to rot or go soft within a week of peak.
Worth mentioning benefits:
• Bananas – great source of potassium perfect as a pre workout snack. Bananas can replenish the body and boost energy.
• Watermelons – Great for weight loss and hydration. It is high in water content and have very few calories.
• Berries – strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and other berries are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants remove free radicals in our system. These free radicals destroy cells and create toxins in the body. It is also good for a healthy, glowing skin.

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