Why Laxative Use for Weight Loss Should be Flushed Down the Drain

There are so many types of weight loss supplements available on the current market. Some of them work by accelerating a dieter’s metabolic rate while others prevent fat molecules in food from being absorbed by the body. Then there are also supplements that contain laxatives — substances that stimulate the emptying of the bowels.

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Laxatives are commonly given to people suffering from constipation. A lot of manufacturer’s of weight loss supplements add senna, sodium picosulfate and other types of laxatives to help men and women shed off a few pounds quickly. However, it’s important to note that the result is not brought about by the elimination of excess fat, but only due to the evacuation of the bowels’ content as well as water. It won’t take long before the lost pounds go back.

The regular intake of weight loss supplements with laxatives or laxatives themselves to drop a few pounds in not really a good idea. Other than providing temporary results only, it also causes the following usual problems:

Stomach Cramping

Especially if the weight loss supplement contains a combination of laxatives, it’s not unlikely for cramping in the abdominal area to happen. One of the common side effects of laxatives is intestinal spasms to force those waste products and impurities out of the body.


Another usual side effect of the intake of laxatives is diarrhea. Without properly replacing lost fluids, it’s not unlikely for dehydration to take place. You don’t want this to happen as dehydration can endanger your health. What’s more, it causes your metabolism to slow down, making it harder to shed off those unwanted pounds.


The use of excessive amounts of laxatives results in diarrhea because the body is forced to divert water to your colon in order to promote bowel movement. In severe cases, dehydration may leave you feeling weak and confused. It may cause tremors, blurry vision, kidney damage and even death, in extreme cases.

Bleeding of the Rectal Area

Due to the frequent trips to the toilet, there’s a possibility for you to experience rectal bleeding. The best way to keep this from happening is quit taking weight loss supplements with laxatives or substances with laxative effects.


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Especially if you have a very sensitive stomach, the intake of weight loss supplements with laxatives may cause vomiting. That’s because laxatives may upset your stomach or irritate its lining.


Since it’s very likely for anyone taking laxatives to continuously suffer from diarrhea, fainting may occur. This is usually because of the fact that the body is losing too much water. Attempting to exercise while dehydrated is definitely not a good thing because it may lead to situations needing immediate medical attention.


Again, this is commonly due to dehydration. Dizziness may keep you from having your regular exercises, an important component to losing unwanted pounds effectively. Exercising while feeling dizzy also increases your risk of getting injured.

Electrolyte Imbalance

When suffering from diarrhea, it’s not just water that you lose but also very important electrolytes. Sodium, potassium and calcium are all vital for proper body functioning. The intake of weight loss supplements with laxatives may lead to electrolyte imbalance, a condition marked by various signs and symptoms such as mental changes, muscle fatigue and cramping, irregular heart rate, and even death.

Laxative Dependency

Regular intake of laxative-based weight loss supplements or laxatives themselves may cause the colon to stop reacting to the usual dose of laxatives. In order to produce bowel movements with the help of laxatives, you may have to take laxatives in larger doses as well as on a regular basis.

Internal Organ Damage

Chronic intake of laxatives and weight loss supplements that use these substances as their active ingredients may cause the colon to stretch, something which can considerably reduce its functioning. It may also lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and, in rare instances, liver damage. Some studies suggest that it also increases colon cancer risk.

With this various side effects, it is clear that the intake of weight loss supplements with laxatives or laxatives themselves is not worth it — especially when you consider the fact that the weight loss effect is only temporary. Despite of the plethora of products claiming to help you slim down, none of them can beat having proper eating habits and working out on a regular basis when it comes to both efficacy and safety.

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