Why Say “Yeah” to Yams — Health and Beauty Benefits of Yams

Yams are tuber vegetables that come in about 200 different varieties. It’s a staple food in many parts of Asia and especially Africa in which yams are widely cultivated. However, it is said that Nigeria is the largest producer and exporter of yams.

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Since yams grow under the soil, it doesn’t come as a surprise why it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are phenomenal sources of vitamins A, B1, B6 and C, as well as potassium, magnesium, copper, iron and calcium. Definitely, yams are superb sources of healthy carbohydrates that supply your body with energy.

Incorporating yams in your diet should not be a problem because it can be prepared in so many ways. It can be boiled and baked, fried and even cooked in the microwave for your utmost convenience. Yams can be candied too! Here are some of the reasons why yummy yams should be served on the dining table more often:

Yams Help Defy Skin Aging

Are you on the hunt for really cheap anti-aging products? Then simply make yams a part of your regular diet. That’s because these tuber vegetables contain good amounts of C, an antioxidant that’s very good at keeping your skin young and healthy. Vitamin C not only shields the skin cells from damaging free radicals, but it also promotes the production of collagen — a type of protein necessary for firm and elastic skin. Munching on yams is perhaps the most pocket-friendly and effective way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

They are Also Good for Your Scalp and Mane

Vitamin A is another nutrient that can be found abundantly in yams. This vitamin helps prevent the scalp from ending up dry, thus promoting the growth of healthy and shiny hair. It’s no secret that vitamin A is also necessary for keeping the eyes in good condition. Including yams in your diet lets you have really nice hair, and a healthy set of peepers to appreciate it!

Consuming Them Energizes Your Body

You may have heard that some people steer clear of carbohydrates in order to slim down. Well, not all carbohydrates are the same and some of them are actually good for you, such as the kinds found in yams — complex carbohydrates! Other than fueling up your body, complex carbohydrates are also vital for the breakdown of fats, prevention of protein from being used as energy, healthy nervous system and normal blood sugar levels.

Eating Yams Helps Prevent Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Iron-deficiency anemia is a condition wherein the blood cannot efficiently distribute oxygen to the cells and tissues because of insufficient amounts of red blood cells or RBCs, which are blood components that transport oxygen molecules. Preventing this condition from striking is as easy as eating yams on a regular basis because these yummy vegetables that grow under the soil are in fact loaded with iron.

Yams Promote a Healthier Digestion

Keeping your digestive tract in top-top shape is vital because it’s the one that allows your body to take advantage of the nutritive content of what you eat. The regular consumption of yams is good for your digestion because it contains lots of dietary fiber that helps remove impurities in the gut as well as promotes better abruption of nutrients. Dietary fiber in yams also helps save you from having about of constipation.

They Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Because yams are teeming with dietary fiber, eating them on a regular basis may help lower your chances of suffering from colon cancer, say the experts. There are also plenty of antioxidants in yams that help fight off cancer cells. Eating yams is one of the cheapest ways to keep deadly cancer at bay!

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