Why Switch From Cow’s Milk to Hazelnut Milk

Just because you decided to turn vegetarian or you have lactose intolerance doesn’t mean you have to bid milk adieu. That’s for the fact that there are so many non-dairy alternatives to cow’s milk to choose from.

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When it comes to milk alternatives, most people think about almond and soy milk, both of which are undeniably the most popular of all plant-based milk products out there. Unfortunately, there is one cow’s milk alternative that is not getting enough time in the spotlight even though it should, and that’s hazelnut milk.

Continue reading to know some of the best reasons why it is a good idea to consider hazelnut milk if you wish to turn your back on cow’s milk for good.

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It’s Free of Lactose

People who do not tolerate lactose very well have no choice but to steer clear of cow’s milk, unless they are willing to put up with all sorts of unfavorable side effects each time. Hazelnut milk is naturally free of any lactose content, and that’s why consuming it won’t leave your digestive system in distress.

It’s Also Devoid of Gluten

Lactose intolerant individuals are not the only ones who can benefit a lot from the intake of hazelnut milk, but also those who have celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Needless to say, hazelnut milk is gluten-free.

It’s Cholesterol-Free

Were you told by your doctor to limit your intake of foods that contain cholesterol because of the result of your recent lipid panel? Then it’s a good idea for you to give up cow’s milk and switch to hazelnut milk, which is entirely free of cholesterol. Actually, hazelnut milk can help lower bad cholesterol because of its omega-3 content.

It’s Loaded With Omega-3

Every serving of hazelnut milk is teeming with omega-3, a healthy type of fat that offers a number of health perks, and one of those is the lowering of bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol.

It’s Good for the Heart

Because of the ability of omega-3 to lower bad cholesterol, it may help in reducing a person’s risk of heart disease. So if you want your ticker to keep on ticking, consider including hazelnut milk to your diet — it may help save your arteries from ending up clogged and endangering your heart as well as other organs like your eyes and kidneys.

It’s Excellent for the Brain, Too

Whether you are suffering from mild depression or poor memory, make sure that you glug down a glass of hazelnut milk on a regular basis. According to scientists, its omega-3 content is great for your brain.

It’s Perfect for the Joints

Another benefit that is offered by omega-3 present abundantly in hazelnut milk is reduced joint pain and inflammation. This healthy type of fat has the ability to shield the supporting and protective structures in your joints from damage. You may limit your intake of side effect-causing NSAIDs if you choose to regularly consume hazelnut milk.

It’s a Skin Beautifier

If you are a beauty-conscious person and premature skin aging is something that gives you nightmares, welcome hazelnut milk into your life — it has vitamin E that helps keep the skin young-looking and healthy, too.

It’s Low in Saturated Fat and Calories

Hazelnut milk is perfect for you if you are trying to get rid of excess pounds. Being very low in saturated fat and calories, drinking it can help you attain your weight loss goal more effectively. Of course it still matters that you make healthy food choices and also exercise on a regular basis.

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