Wii Games, A Complement To Your Regular Exercise

Those who play Wii Sports games or Wii Fit, rejoice!

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According to research, more energy is consumed in playing Wii sports games or Wii Fit than doing a brisk walk. This gives you more reason to play these virtual games.

The study showed that these games had the equivalent energy expenditure of “moderate intensity exercise” which the Britain government recommends to stay fit and healthy. Adults in Britain are recommended to do 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise for five or more days a week.

Wii is a home video gaming system that uses wireless technology to bring a virtual reality experience to its users. It comes with several accessories including wireless and nonwireless controllers that plug to the system. Since its launched in 2006, more than 50 million Wii consoles have been sold globally. Wii promotes physical activity through its interactive sports and fitness games. There are variety of sports and balance board for players to stand on to practice different activities like skiiing, yoga, dance and other sports, which can be played by all ages. Many elders are taking up these games to stay active even in the comforts of their homes.

The research found that Wii Sport boxing was the most efficient activity and was as strenuous as a round of golf.

On the other hand, Wii golf was found the least strenuous game which was similar intensity as to watering plants. Wii bowling is the same as walking from house to car while Wii tennis has the same intensity as walking the dog.

The study revealed also that the more strenuous exercise on Wii fit was a single-arm stand, described as half sit-up and using one hand on the floor to stand up which had demonstrated the same intensity as fast ballroom dancing.

The range of energy consumed in these games is sufficient to prevent obesity and lifestyle related diseases from heart disease to diabetes. This kind of video game where people need to jump up and down or dance during the game are great way to get moving and help combat obesity.

Doing this kind of activity in a day adds up to 30 minutes that adults need five times a week. In addition, there are health benefits you can gain by playing this virtual game. The following are:

Wii Fit is good in improving cardiovascular health. This game allows you to pick from a variety of cardiovascular exercises that you follow with the game on your television screen. Wii has a wireless motion detector that picks up on every move including your torso, hands, arms and legs.

Wii helps in preventing weight gain. Wii has hand-held controllers that can be utilized to engage muscle groups. Wii Fit board monitors body mass index, current weight and endurance levels in an individualized form. You can view on the screen the guide on how to make the right moves and number of repetitions remaining with each session.

This virtual game improves muscle strength. There are games that help improve balance and coordination such as snowboarding, boxing, soccer and skiing, Engaging in these games helps in building up muscles that you may not have used in long time. A study published in “The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences,” reveals that elders who played active Wii games for 10 weeks demonstrated improved balance, strengthened leg muscles and improved overall physical performance.

In some cases, Wii and Wii Fit may help prevent diseases. When you do physical activities for 5 days a week for 30 or more minutes in a day can prevent life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, liver diseases and certain types of cancers. Make your Wii experience as exciting as it can be by placing yourself as a character inside the game.This will entice people, young and old. Wii is also a fun way of nixing physical inactivity as well as reducing the effects of sedentary lifestyle.

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