Women’s Workout for a Sexier Back

In the name of health, fitness, and beauty, most women workout to improve their physique. Along with toning the arms, legs, and abs, the females of the current generation also pay attention on targeting the upper back for a toned and sexier look.

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The following are some exercises that contributes to a woman’s sexier back.

Cable Face Pull with External Rotation

The face pull is a compound exercise that mainly targets the shoulders; however, it also engages the middle back. According to Shape, the person attaches a rope handle to a high cable pulley and grabs each end of the rope so the hands are shoulder width apart. The palms should face each other and the ends of the rope should be inside the hands, near the thumbs.

Then, the person makes a few steps backwards to create tension on the rope, with the arms extending toward the pulley. After that, the person forms the initial position with a tall torso, shoulders down, and chest up. The feet are firmly planted on the floor with one foot slightly behind the other and the core is tightened to maintain a stationary stance.

When ready, the person performs the movement by pulling the weight towards her face until the elbows are just behind her shoulders. A good practice is to spread the rope as it is pulled. Then, the thumbs are driven behind while the person keeps her upper arm still. After that, the weight is gradually returned to the starting position until the arms are completely extended.

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Inverted Row/ Horizontal Barbell Pull Up

The inverted row is another workout for a sexy back. According to to Body Building, the exercise, which is also known as horizontal barbell pull up, is a compound pulling workout that boosts the strength of the lower back and it also engages the latissimus dorsi.

To perform the exercise, the person positions a bar in a rack to about waist height; a smith machine can also be used. Then, the bar is held with a wide grip as the person positions herself hanging below the bar. A good practice for the starting position is to maintain a straight body with the heels planted on the ground and the arms fully extended. After that, the person flexes her elbow and pulls her chest towards the bar. The shoulder blades are retracted as the person performs the movement. Once at the top of the movement, the person pauses and returns herself to the starting position.

Trap 3 Dumbbell Raise

With the aid of dumbbells and incline bench, the trap 3 dumbbell raise is another workout that tones the back. According to Exercise, the workout is done by grabbing a dumbbell with the right hand. Then, she places her left forearm on the top of the incline bench and leans forward, resting her forehead on her forearm. After that, the person assumed as staggered stance with the opposite foot forward while keeping a natural arch in the lower back. Then, the dumbbell is allowed to hand down at arm’s length and is rotated outward at a 45 degree angle. Once done, the person retracts her shoulder blade and raises the dumbbell up to shoulder height. The blades are also protracted and the weight is lowered back down to starting position. A good practice is to keep a slow and controlled movement to prevent injury and boost the efficiency of the exercise.

Overall, back training is one of the vital aspects of a woman’s workout, in addition to working out the arms, legs, and abs. This can be achieved with a blend of consistent training, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

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