Wonderful Reasons to Welcome Wild Mangosteen in Your Kitchen

The health and nutritional benefits offered by mangosteen are known to many. Did you know that there’s also the so-called wild mangosteen that also provides a plethora of perks for your wellbeing? Let us put the spotlight on this exotic fruit revered for its numerous gastronomic and pharmaceutical offerings.

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Also known as kokum, wild mangosteen is the fruit of the tree bearing the same name. Commonly, wild mangosteen is made into a refreshing beverage that is loved by many due to its ability to cool the body especially during blistering summer days. The wild mangosteen tree also has perfect timing because it is during summer when it bears a lot of fruits.

Other than turning its flesh into a thirst-quenching beverage, the peel of wild mangosteen is usually dried in the sun and added to dishes. Its sour flavor is said to make soups, stews and curries taste above average. Wild mangosteen is also the source of what’s known as kokum butter, something that’s added to a lot of beauty products because of its skin hydrating and regenerative properties.

Let us tackle some of the most noteworthy reasons why it’s a wonderful idea to get your hands on some wild mangosteen:

Wild Mangosteen Helps Ease Constipation

Thanks to the juicy and pulpy flesh of wild mangosteen, consuming the fruit can put an end to your bout of constipation. Its water and fiber content work together in promoting regular bowel movement. Traditional healers also recommend the intake of dried wild mangosteen peel in order to deal with severe cases of constipation.

It Provides Relief From Skin Allergies

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, kokum butter comes from wild mangosteen. Applying this creamy substance on areas affected by urticaria and various skin allergies is being done for many years now for the attainment of relief. Many also use it to heal painful cracked skin on the soles of the feet.

Eating and Using It Topically Helps You Look Amazing

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Consuming wild mangosteen on a regular basis is a great idea especially if you want your skin to look young and healthy. That’s because the said fruit contains plenty of antioxidants that prevent your skin cells from being damaged by free radicals. Kokum butter from wild mangosteen also makes your skin look phenomenal on the outside, thanks to its ability to hydrate and nourish your skin. Just go ahead and try a lotion or an anti-aging cream containing kokum butter!

Drinking Its Juice Helps Ease Indigestion

There are plenty of home remedies for indigestion and hyperacidity, and one of them is the juice of wild mangosteen. Traditionally, the juice obtained from the exotic fruit is chilled and mixed with a little sugar and salt.

It’s Also Very Good for Dealing with Flatulence

Flatulence is a condition wherein there’s an accumulation of gas in the abdominal area. It is also usually accompanied by abdominal distention, pain and cramps. One very good all-natural remedy for flatulence is the intake of wild mangosteen juice. In order to immediately put an end to flatulence and its various symptoms, traditional healers recommend the sipping of wild mangosteen juice mixed with sugar, salt, honey and ginger.

Consuming Its Juice Lowers Temperature

Feeling really hot during the summer? Whip up a glass of wild mangosteen juice to feel refreshed and keep heatstroke at bay! In India, the said beverage is very popular most especially on sweltering days of the year. Traditionally, wild mangosteen juice is given to someone with fever to help lower the body temperature.

Wild Mangosteen Helps Treat Piles

There’s no denying that piles is a painful and embarrassing problem. To help attain much-needed relief from the said condition, consider eating wild mangosteen or drinking its juice. For years now, the said fruit is being used for the treatment of piles, thanks to its impressive antioxidant, water and fiber content.

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