Workout for 3D Looking Shoulders

In the field of fitness, most people, especially men, put emphasis on working out known muscle groups, such as the shoulders, chest, arms, abs, and legs. The shoulder muscles include the deltoid, which is divided into the anterior (front), medial (lateral/side), and posterior (rear) parts, the trapezius or the traps, and the rotator cuffs.

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According to Bodybuilding, the deltoids contribute to the overall symmetry of the body. While they seem to be a relatively easy muscle group to work, knowing the shoulder anatomy is essential in building it into a thick and fully developed body part. In fact, wide shoulders help create an illusion of a V-tapered body, especially in men. Thus, it is very important to know the parts of the shoulder in order to work all its dimensions during the routine.

A common error in people is the lack of knowledge that the posterior deltoid is existent. Being unaware of the body part, most people just tend to concentrate on developing their front and side deltoids, leaving the rear deltoid behind. As a result, there would be an imbalance between the front and the rear deltoids, further leading to a pair of unaesthetic shoulders.

According to Men’s Fitness, the shoulders are a very sensitive and vulnerable area; thus, proceeding to hardcore circuit training for shoulders is not a good idea. As per the publication, it is better to begin the shoulder workout with shoulder circles with 5-pound weight. This is done by raising both dumbbells to one’s side, which is followed by performing short shoulder circles in a forward movement. For proper execution, it should also be noted that the circumference of the circles should be nearly six inches. Following ten full rotations, a 30-minute rest is encouraged before repeating the exercise in reverse. The exercise is performed in a total of two sets, which means one in each direction.

Aside from the military barbell press, the dumbbell shoulder press also helps boost the development of the shoulder complex, with more focus on the front deltoids. The selected weight that should be used is something in which one would fail between 12 to 15 repetitions, according to Men’s Fitness. As per Bodybuilding, the standing dumbbell press provides better muscle stimulation than a seated press. In addition, it necessitates greater stability while it strengthens one’s core and balance to his physique.

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The side or lateral dumbbell raises are the key workout routines for developing the side deltoids. However, lateral raises with kettlebells can also be done to raise a standard dumbbell lateral raise to a new level, as per Bodybuilding. The routine forces the pron to control the repetitions with the weight, which challenges the forearms and shoulder stabilizers. It is also vital to squeeze the deltoids during the execution instead of letting momentum to do the trick.

The rear delts should also be given attention, since the front deltoids have already had its spotlight during the chest workout. Training the rear delts allows the shoulders to appear broad and attractive from any angle, according to Muscle and Fitness. As per the publication, the crucial note is to make an attempt to copy the motion from the deltoids. Also, it is important to consider using a heavier weight, since one would not be using a full range of motion. The workout includes the combination of rear delt dumbbell swing and rear lateral raise. The rear delts can also be developed with the prone reverse flye, which allows a person to get in the optimal hand position, isolate the rear delts, and recruit more muscle stabilizers. The bent-over reverse fly also aims at the rear deltoids while targeting the front and side deltoids as well.

For an overall workout of the three deltoid parts, the exercises include standing military press, lying lateral raises, dumbbell press, side lateral raises, and rear delt cable extensions, as per Bodybuilding.

With 3-dimensional looking shoulders, one’s physique would be enhanced, as well as his self-esteem.

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