Wrong Moves That Lead to Breast Sagging

Since aging is part of our lives, we do not have a way to stop it but we can only delay it. One of the aging issues of women is sagging breast. Over time, loss of tissue and fat can cause the breasts to lose their fullness, while lower estrogen levels and decreased collagen production mean less elasticity and firmness.

Other than natural aging process, sagging breast occurs due to habits and lifestyle choice we make. Prevent these mistakes to keep our breast in better shape.

  1. Wearing an ill-fitting bra is the culprit.
    Wearing the wrong size of bra is the main reason why breasts sag. Not having proper support will cause stress on your skin and collagen. So before you perform any exercise or high impact workout, make sure you wear properly fitted sports bra to keep your breast in place. In addition, ensure that all your bras properly fit and suit your body shape.
  1. Smoking contributes to sagging breast.
    An eight-year study found out that smoking could contribute to sagging as it breaks down elastin that gives the skin its youthful appearance. It also includes the skin in the chest area. Smoking decreases supply of blood to the skin, causing it to weaken and age badly. So, it is better to quit the bad habit early.  A medical expert at Nuffield Hospital in United Kingdom tells that putting off smoking after several years will lead to a remarkable improvement to our breast.
  1. Skipping sunscreen protection
    Overexposure to the sun can affect the skin to wrinkle prematurely and sag. So do not forget to apply sun protection on exposed skin areas especially if you are wearing skimpy outfit.
  1. Shedding and gaining pounds
    Since our breasts are mostly fat, this part of your body will be affected once you go on a dramatic change of weight. The skin covering this layer of fat will stretch; lose elasticity over time and sag. To prevent this from occurring, maintain a healthy and stable weight.
  1. Getting dehydrated
    The skin needs moisture. To retain its moisture, drinking plenty of water daily is helpful and essential in keeping the breast skin looking healthy and youthful. Not drinking enough water will lose skin’s elasticity and smoothness.
  1. Sleeping on your side or stomach
    If you sleep on your side or stomach, you are damaging your breast, too. It is better to sleep on your back as it prevents neck and back pain, reduces acid reflux as well as minimizing wrinkles. It also keeps your breasts in its better condition because it fully and evenly supports their weight while you sleep.
  1. Getting too lazy to exercise
    Achieving healthy weight does not only mean food intake. You also need to include exercise as part of your daily routine. If you are not making an effort to have an active lifestyle, this will affect your body weight causing your breast to sag. Doing regular chest exercises  and lifting free weights will benefit your body as it strengthens your pectoralis muscles, which can support your breasts over time.
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