Yes to Good Health, Yes to Potato Juice

Juicing is one of the best ways of extracting flavor without losing or decreasing the nutrient-content of so many fruits and some vegetables. Whether served for babies or drank by adults, juices are a favorite beverage and source of vitamins and minerals.

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Among the most common foods that are usually juiced include oranges, carrots, lemon and lime, all of which you may have already tasted. But did you know that the juice of raw potatoes can also be extracted the exact same way? Yes, potatoes which have not been boiled or cooked in any way.

Some of you may think that potatoes are just a plate of starch but that’s where you’re wrong. Raw potatoes actually contain nutrients like calcium, potassium, folate, magnesium and even Vitamin C that is commonly found in citrus fruits. It also has several health benefits including:

  • Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. Potato juice work well with people who suffer from diseases that entail inflammation because it aids in regulating circulation in every part of the body. However, it works best for those who have arthritis and other joint and back pains caused by swelling.
  • As treatment for eczema and other skin conditions. Juice from raw potato provides quick relief from skin conditions like eczema and acne. Cold potato juice can clear blemished skin in no time as long as it is applied on the affected area once every day.
  • As cure for angular cheilitis. This condition is a common skin disease that is characterized by swelling and redness along the corners of the mouth. Because of its anti-inflammatory property, raw potato juice can help ease the lesions quickly if applied directly on the affected area. You may also drink potato juice as a source of B-complex vitamins that aid in treating angular cheilitis.
  • As a natural skin brightening agent. Potato juice mixed with freshly extracted lemon juice can be applied on darker portions of the skin to make it look lighter. This can also be done with cucumber when you do not have lemon juice at home. Just the same, potato juice can also lighten the dark circles under your eyes by simply applying the juice on the area every night, before bed.
  • Treatment for dry skin. Regular drinking of potato juice can help treat and even prevent dry skin as it protects the body against toxins. Of course, you can still apply the juice onto your skin while drinking to achieve a holistic effect.
  • Hair darkening agent. Worried about your hair turning gray? Try washing the shampoo off of it using raw potato juice instead of water and you should be able to say goodbye to hair dyes as well as those pesky gray highlights.
  • As treatment for cancer. While it has yet to be scientifically tested, many believe that regular drinking of raw potato juice can help treat cancer by eradicating malignant cells and inhibiting them from affecting healthy ones.
  • As a preventive measure for kidney stones. Regular intake of potato juice has been found to be an effective way of preventing calcium stones from forming along the urinary tract.
  • As a way of losing weight. Since juice from vegetables are known to aid in weight loss, drinking raw potato juice two times every day can help you lose weight. To achieve its full effects, you should drink it first during the morning while your stomach is still empty and two or three hours before going to bed.
  • As first-aid to food poisoning. Since potatoes are commonly found at home, juicing it may be the best initial remedy you can provide to a person who has been poisoned. Simply mix it with pure honey or carrot juice, and let the patient drink the concoction.
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