Your Most Embarrasing Yoga Questions: ANSWERED

You go to yoga class to find your sense of Zen, to enhance and expand your bodies and minds. You go to your yoga sessions regularly to release your tensions and stress. However, every once in a while, you walk off your mats with a good laugh and sometimes a great deal of embarrassment too.

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A lot of yogis and yoginis have experienced their fair share of laughs in the midst of their mat sessions. Some feels a bit of embarrassment, but really there isn’t any reason to be so, after all, we’re all but humans. Below is a list of the most “embarrassing” yoga questions that people are likely to ask and the answers that can help assuage your anxieties so you can feel more comfortable during a yoga class.

  • What if I really need to pass gas in the midst of the session?
    This really can happen and there’s nothing embarrassing with it. And if you’re in the middle of twisting, bending, or stretching, then it can be even harder to contain or hold in. So if you happen to pass gas in class, don’t sweat it too much.  If people noticed or the class is lively enough, then you can just laugh it off. Otherwise, just ignore it. Don’t force them out though, and maybe you’d consider skipping some foods that can give you gas on days that you have a yoga sched.
  • Are we supposed to fall asleep during the “corpse” pose (savasana)?
    This pose is certainly not for naptime although it can very much feel that way. Savasana gives you the opportunity to allow your energy to get back to your body and rejuvenate yourself. Ergo with this pose, you hover between sleeping and waking—a state of relaxation. For new yoga practitioners or during the days that you feel dog-tired, then there’s a good chance that you might fall asleep. Don’t worry though, it’s seldom that anyone else will notice and even rarer that you will asleep hard enough for you not to hear the yoga instructor rouse the class up.
  • What do I do if I topple or fall over?
    If this happens and gave you nothing serious, then just laugh, because chances are your teacher and the other practitioners who witnessed it will be laughing too. In a real crowded class, there’s a good probability that you won’t be the first or the last to topple over. So just concentrate and return to your pose. Don’t let falling shake your confidence in what you’re doing.
  • What if I needed to go to the toilet?
    Well, when nature calls, then you certainly have to answer it. If you can somehow hold it in comfortably, then by all means do so and wait until the end of the class, if not or it it’s turning into an emergency, you can just leave the class, pronto! There not even a need to tell the instructor or apologize; everybody knows that those incidents can happen.
  • I sweat too much. Is that still normal?
    Sweating is a normal body process—it’s not gross, so don’t be embarrassed. Sweating even makes some of the yoga poses easier to accomplish, especially the twists. If you’re sweat is making you slip off your mat, then try placing a beach towel or a microfiber towel on the mat’s top.
  • Everyone is chanting but I don’t know the words!
    You don’t have to be obligated to chant while in class. You may just listen but most instructors recommend for their students to at least give chanting a try. If you feel embarrassed of being heard saying the wrong words, then just try mouthing them or say them quietly.
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