Yuzu Essential Oil Offers Many Benefits

Some essential oils have smells that are simply too overpowering or alienating, but then there are those that are really delightful to the nose. One of those is yuzu essential oil. And since it’s for sure that you are going to love the way it smells, you will find it trouble-free to take advantage of the various health perks yuzu essential oil offers.

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Read on if you like to know more about yuzu essential oil. If you have family and friends who are also into the use of essential oils, share this article to get them introduced to yuzu essential oil, too!

Yuzu essential oil is obtained via cold pressing or steam distillation from the yuzu fruit. The said fruit originated in China, but now it is widely grown in Japan. It’s exactly for this reason why most of the world’s supply of Yuzu essential oil is coming from Japan. Be very careful when shopping for yuzu essential oil because there are manufacturers these days that label their goods yuzu essential oils when in fact they are just poor quality citrus oil blends.

The fragrance of yuzu essential oil is one of its most admired properties. Many of those who had taken a whiff of this volatile oil said that it’s just like a blend of grapefruit and mandarin essential oils.

Certainly, you will love the delightful lemony aroma of yuzu essential oil, which can easily lift your mood as well as get rid of your anxiety. Because yuzu essential oil has antioxidants, it can also be used for boosting the immune system and dealing with various skin issues. Yuzu essential oil blends very well with a variety of other oils (e.g. bergamot, cypress, ylang ylang, jasmine and lavender essential oils) so that you may come up with your custom fragrance.

You may employ yuzu essential oil with the use of a diffuser or by adding a few drops of it to your bathwater or a basin of hot water for inhalation. For topical use, it has to be first diluted with your choice of carrier oil. If you are pregnant or diagnosed with a medical condition, use yuzu essential oil with the help of a certified aromatherapy expert.

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Now that you know yuzu essential oil a lot more, it’s time for us to check out the perks that it offers:

Reduced Stress

Filling the air with the fragrance of yuzu essential oil is a great way to lower your stress at the end of the day. If you are into luxurious baths or massages, add a few drops of it to your bathwater or massage oil.

Lowered Anxiety

Having a small bottle of yuzu essential oil in your bag is a wonderful idea if you often have anxious thoughts. The minute that you feel nervous, reach for that bottle of yuzu essential oil, uncap it, and take a whiff of it.

Lifted Mood

The same tip as above may be done each time you are feeling down. The bright lemony fragrance of yuzu essential oil can definitely brighten up your day. If you feel depressed most of the time, see a specialist.

Relieved Respiratory Symptoms

If you have the common cold or flu, you may attain relief from some of the symptoms by adding a few drops of yuzu essential oil to a basin of hot water, and then inhale the steam produced.

Alleviated Skin Issues

Once diluted with your preferred carrier oil like almond or coconut oil, yuzu essential oil may be employed for dealing with a number of skin problems. Some of them include pimples, acne, wrinkles and insect bites.

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