Choosing The Right Highlight for Your Hair

Getting highlights in your hair is a great way to add style and dimension without getting your whole hair done. Though, deciding which highlight to use is a big step. There are different factors to consider when it comes to picking your highlight. First, you have to consider the color you want, your skin tone, your hair cut and current hair color. All of these things can affect the results of your highlight. Before you go to your salon, read these tips below to get the best highlights in your hair.

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Go to a Professional

Highlights are not as easy as you think. It does take skills, the right tools and product. Don’t attempt to do a DIY highlight at home. You might end up getting chunky sections and patchy hair color. Go to a professional when getting your highlights done or at least ask someone who has the basic knowledge of highlighting to help you. Never even attempt to do it yourself. ‘

Understand Your Skin Tone

Hair color mostly depends on your skin tone. Do you look better with warm or cool tones? A simple way to identify it is from the makeup you wear. Do warm tones such as golds, deep browns and auburn looks good on your skin or cool tones such as silvers, blues and mints. Whichever ever tones look best on your skin tone, stick to that type of tones in your highlights. Try different swatches on your skin while you’re on the salon chair before picking your highlight color.

Lowlights and Highlights

Before going into the salon decide if you want to get highlights or lowlights. Highlights are colors that are lighter than your overall hair color and lowlights are colors that are darker than your overall hair color. Each one has its specific purpose. Low lights help soften the harshness of light colored hair. Highlights can add dimension to the hair and bringing it more depth. You can even use both techniques if you want to.

Overall Hair Color

Once you picked the undertone of your hair color the next thing you have to consider is the actual color. Do you want something that is dark brown, light brown, blonde or even bright colors? People with naturally light blonde hair have the choice of using low lights to add more depth to the hair and even make it appear thicker. Brown hair can use low lights and highlights to add more drama to your hair. Dark hair can use highlights to add dimension to heavy looking hair. This can also add movement to dark hair. A great thing about highlights is that you can mix and match. Just make sure that your highlight or lowlight fits your overall hair color. Make sure that it does not neutralize one another. Mixing cool and warm tones in your hair can make it appear drab and even dirty.


There are different types of highlights. There is threading, chunky highlights, beach ball, balayage and so much more. Different type of highlighting techniques creates different results. The best person to know which technique will fit you is your hairstylist. He or she can analyze what technique will fit your current haircut and face shape. The right highlight or low light can help enhance your features, add movement to hair and even mask things you want to conceal. Before allowing them to put anything in your hair ask them for a concrete idea of what the highlight color and style will look like. This will ensure that you are going to get something you won’t regret.


To help maintain your highlights, you have to use color treated hair products. Avoid staying under the sun too long or over washing your hair. Limit using heating tools, especially when the highlights are new. This can cause the hair color to fade a lot faster and damage the hair.

We hope that this simple guide was able to help you find the right highlight for your hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment and talk to your stylist about your ideas. This is something stylist love. They want to be able to give you what you really want. Though, remember that certain shades such as reds or pastel colors require to be re toned every few months to maintain its color. Great hair color can make you look younger and show off your personality.

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