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It is believed that the snooze button is added to alarm clocks to save the alarm clock industry. A lot of people hate the sound of alarms in the...

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Hemolytic Anemia: What You Need to Know About This Blood Condition

Anemia is a condition characterized by insufficient red blood cells in the blood. There are different types of anemia, and one of them is...

Hair Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Your haircut, style, or color may not be doing you any favors in the youthfulness department. Follow these tips to take years off your...

Common Causes of a Tight Jaw

When your jaw is tight, it can affect neighboring areas, too. It's not unlikely for you to feel pain or discomfort (often described as...

Are You Sensitive to Dairy? Here’s How to Tell

Dairy is a phenomenal source of protein and calcium, which means incorporating it into your diet on a regular basis is great for building...

The Best Foods to Eat at Every Time of Day

Choosing what you ingest is one of the best ways to keep your health in optimal condition. And when choosing, remember that it’s not...

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Exercises for Bigger Traps

In the realm of anatomy, the trapezius or traps is one of the two large muscles that stretch from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae then laterally...

Reasons to Listen to More Music

Along with physical, social, and spiritual health, mental and emotional health are vital components of man’s overall health. In addition, psychological health follows physiological health in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Among the interventions that can be done to...

Herbal Teas That Help Lower Bad Cholesterol

Statins — these are drugs commonly prescribed for people whose bad cholesterol levels are higher than normal. While very powerful at taking back the levels of bad cholesterol below what's regarded as the limit, statins do not come without side effects, many...

10 Super Foods to Gain Weight Fast

    Well, there are a number of adjectives that skinny people’s friends use for them, like matchstick, skeletal, hanger, undernourished and so on…! All these words give immense embarrassment. Isn’t it?? It is good to be slim and fit, but...