Eliminate Mold for Good with Any of These Really Simple Solutions

You can easily tell that there’s mold growing in damp and humid areas in your home if you can smell it. Definitely, you should never stop searching until you stumble upon it for the benefit of your home and your loved ones. It’s because mold not only affects the way your abode smells, but also the health of everyone in it!

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Removing mold while it still looks like just a small patch of dirt or soot is of utmost importance. Otherwise, it may only end up being a huge problem you have to face. There are instances, too, when what you spot is just the tip of the iceberg — there could be a much larger colony of it already growing away from view.

You can always get your hands on a mold control solution available at the local home improvement store. However, this is not really a good idea. Some of the ingredients used can be harsh not only for you and your family members, but also your beloved pets. Using such product is like dealing with a problem with the use of another problem.

So what’s the best way to immediately put an end to the proliferation of the mold you spot after searching trouble spots meticulously? Spray the area with an all-natural solution that not only works effectively but also saves anyone living in your home from potential health dangers as it does not involve the use of bleach, borax and other harsh chemicals!

The list of the perks of opting for a mild and natural remedy for mold does not end there. Since you won’t be using anything synthetic or damaging, you can do your share in keeping the planet happy. Furthermore, it’s a pocket-friendly way to prevent mold from wreaking havoc to your life for good!

Actually, you can choose from among 5 different solutions. This means that it’s for sure that there is an effective mold remedy that suits your personal preference. Here are some of the best when it comes to mold elimination:

Baking Soda

This versatile white powder is a staple in so many home remedy lists for various issues plaguing your life, from a smelly fridge to greasy hair. Guess what? Baking soda is also very good at killing of mold.

Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in a small spray bottle. Fill it with water and shake thoroughly. Spray on areas where there’s mold present. Scrub the problem areas with a damp brush or piece of cloth. As a bonus, using this solution out of baking soda will also absorb the unpleasant odor mold gives off.


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The acidity of vinegar is a giveaway that it’s effective against mold. All you have to do is pour some vinegar in an empty spray bottle and spray where needed. It won’t take long before this solution zaps mold pestering you and your loved ones.

If you cannot stand the strong smell of vinegar, have it diluted with a little water. However, it is recommended for you to do no dilution to really put an end to your mold problem.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Other than disinfecting minor cuts and wounds, hydrogen peroxide is also a superb mold fighter. Using a spray bottle, douse surfaces with molds with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Allow the solution to remain there for about 10 minutes. Wipe off with a damp cloth. It’s also a great idea to mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and vinegar!

Citrus Seed Extract

You can easily get citrus seed extract at your local health food store. Once you already have a small bottle of it, you just have to place 20 drops of it in 2 cups of water. Use the resulting solution to kill off mold by transferring it in a spray bottle.

Tea Tree Oil

Known as a superb anti-fungal, tea tree oil is also something that you may use to save your home from the clutches of mold, which is actually a type of fungus!

It’s true that tea tree oil isn’t as cheap as any one of the solutions mentioned above, but you’ll be glad to know that a little tea tree oil goes a long, long way. That’s because you simply have to add a teaspoon of it to a cup of water. Transfer the mixture in a spray bottle and start attacking mold.

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