Top 10 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Every Night

Sleeping isn’t just sleeping; it is our way of healing and reviving our body. When we sleep our whole body regenerates, that’s why they say “you’ll get better after a good night’s rest”. Our skin also gets a needed pick me upper when we sleep, as they say Beauty Sleep is when our skin gets to relax and stray away from toxins and pollution. Boost your sleep by adding these ten beauty habits to your beauty sleep regimen.


Use Two Pillows

Prop your head, or create a slight incline from your head to the rest of your body by using two pillows. Propping up your head will help blood flow and drains liquid from the face, preventing puffiness and bloating.


Always Remove Your Makeup

Sleeping is the only time our skin can breathe, during the day our faces are usually exposed to pollutions, heat, makeup and other toxins. Not removing your makeup can cause your skin, dirt or oil build up and make you prone to breakouts and other skin problems. Remove makeup properly by using specially designed makeup removers instead of regular facial wash.


Purifying Mask

Use a purifying mask in target areas on the face before going to bed. Applying this at night can bring better results.


Turn On the Humidifier

Create a skin repairing environment in your bedroom by turning on your humidifier at night. The humidity in the air can hydrate the skin and boost repair. Put on your favorite moisturizer on to help hydrate and create a plump glowing skin in the morning.


Apply On Hand Cream

Apply a dollop of hand cream before going to sleep. This will bring back all the moisture back to your hands and fingernails that you lose during the day. If you have really dry and cracking nails, apply thick amounts of cream and wrap your fingernails in nail foil or plastic.


Sleep On A Silk or Satin Pillowcase

When you tend to wake up with a more than normal bed hair, try changing your pillowcase. Fibers in a cotton pillow case tend to be rough and can damage the cuticle of the hair. If you don’t have a silk or satin pillowcase, just lay a silk scarf on top of the pillow before going to sleep.


Braid or Pin Your Hair Back

If you don’t wash your hair every night before you sleep, avoid sleeping with your hair all over the place. The grease and dirt in your hair can travel to your face. Put your hair in a bun and away from your face.


Eye Cream

Never ignore this advice, this can pay off in the long run. Apply moisturizer and eye cream at night to moisturize the eye area and prevent puffiness and tired eyes in the morning. This can also help prevent early signs of aging.


Apply a Leave-On Exfoliator

To boost skin repair, apply on a leave-on exfoliator. This will give the skin time to absorb the exfoliator and repair skin damage from heat or chemicals.


Get 8 Hours of Sleep

This may be a bit played out, but having enough sleep can help blood circulation, prevent bloating and repair the body.


Do these beauty habits every night to wake up to soft and glowing skin every morning. Don’t forget to drink water before going to sleep.

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