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5 Post-Workout Foods

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Binge-eating is one of the most common things that people do post-workout. Bu the thing is, eating after exercising may not be totally wrong in the sense that the body needs to replenish all the nutrients that was lost during the workout session. Given that eating is okay after sweating it out at the gym, you just need to make sure that you choose to eat the right kinds of food.

After an intense workout, the glycogen supply in the body is going to be severely lessened. Glycogen is what fuels the muscles and gives you energy to do your activities. There is an ideal ratio of carbs to protein, and that ratio is 4:1—that is 4grams of carbs per 1 gram of protein. The body needs to maintain that ratio post-workout. So to help out, here’s a list of foods that can help you achieve that carb-to-protein ratio.

1. Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk contains the correct number of carbs and proteins that can help you replenish what you’ve lost. It’s tasty and great for refueling the body.

2. Yogurt smoothie
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a protein powder in your post-exercise shake. Greek yogurt is a great alternative to powdered protein shakes because its protein content is way higher.

3. Breakfast with eggs.
If you still have time in the mornings, create a wholewheat tortilla out of scrambled eggs. Eggs in fact, are great sources of proteins. One egg contains 6 grams of protein, and that’s about 12% of an individual’s daily protein recommendation. If you want to skip the fats and cholesterol, discard the yolks and just use the egg whites.

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4. Peanut butter sandwich
It’s inexpensive, it is simple and it will stay fresh for a long period of time. If the sandwich turns out to be not filling enough for you, then throw in some slices of banana or honey.

5. Lean meats and carb-friendly side dish
For a post-exercise dinner, stick to just protein and carbohydrate food sources. Eat lean meats like fish or chicken coupled with brown rice or sweet potato to make up for a delicious and healthy meal.

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