Beauty Benefits of Honey

Honey is a magical production of nature that has a variety of health and beauty benefits. Honey was said to be Cleopatra’s favorite beauty ingredient. Now, the trend of using honey for natural home remedies is starting to catch on.

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Honey is packed with antioxidant, antibacterial properties, moisturizing agents and disinfecting components. Honey is set to be the next magic ingredient to take over beauty products. Honey is a lot cheaper than your regular cosmetic and beauty products. You can store it in your pantry to create easy to make beauty remedies and you can drink it for remedies of sore throat, heartburn and so much more.

Still not convinced on the beauty and miracle of honey? Well, this natural product of nature has a lot of beauty benefits that anybody in your home can use. Here are some of the famous beauty benefits of honey.


– Having a spoonful of honey everyday can help detoxify the skin from the inside out, leaving you with a smooth and supple skin.

– Washing your face with diluted honey will help exfoliate your skin and moisturize it, making it rosy and dirt free.

– Using honey directly on your acne spot can help lessen the redness and remove the bacteria on the acne spot. Leave the honey on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. The antibacterial properties of honey will lessen the inflammation and irritation on the skin.

– Applying honey directly on scar can help make it lighter. Honey has a natural bleaching property that helps make scars fade with regular use. Using honey on dark and dry spots like your knees and elbows can help moisturize it and lessen darkness on the skin.

– You can create a simple hair removal wax with sugar. Just add brown sugar, honey and lemon juice together and microwave it to create the wax. Let it cool for a few seconds and apply a small patch on the skin to make sure the heat is tolerable. You can use this wax with a strip or remove it as is. Since honey has a natural bleaching and moisturizing agent. It helps keep the newly waxed skin bright and moisturized.

– Remove razor bumps or ingrown hairs caused by shaving by applying a layer of honey on the skin after shaving. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

– Apply honey and apple cider vinegar mixture on your nails and cuticles to disinfect and strengthen nails. You can use this as a nail soak too, just add water.

– Since honey can moisturize and brighten the skin, it can also help lighten and moisturize dark under eye circles. Applying raw honey everyday on the affected area for 20 minutes can help fade it in no time.

– Want to naturally lighten your hair? Use a honey and lemon mixture on your hair to naturally lighten it.

– A spoonful of honey can give you enough antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to prevent aging and wrinkles.

Here are just a few beauty benefits you can get from raw honey. Knowing the different uses of honey for beauty application can save you a lot of trips to the store. Try it out for yourself and always keep a bottle of honey handy.

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