Different Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of those common household item that you seem to always have in the house. It’s a common first aid kit staple that has been passed on from your parents and passed on to them from your grandparents. The long standing tradition of Hydrogen Peroxide proves that it is highly effective and can be used for different purposes. One of the most well-known use of hydrogen peroxide is for cleaning and disinfecting wounds and cuts. Besides using it on scrapes and cuts, do you know the other uses of hydrogen peroxide? It can be used in so many ways and should be given the award of versatility. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in cleaning, hygiene and so much more. We’ve created a list to highlight the amazing and unconventional uses of hydrogen peroxide.

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Removes Foot Fungus
Using equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide on the feet is said to remove and kill foot fungus. Though there hasn’t been any scientific studies done, a lot of hydrogen peroxide users back-up the claim.

Boost the Immune System
Our body produces natural hydrogen peroxide due to leukocytes also known as white blood cells. The hydrogen peroxide assists the white blood cells to fight off viruses, toxins and bacteria in the body.

Remove Harmful Chemicals
Place 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and use it to spritz on newly both fruits and vegetables. Let the hydrogen peroxide sit for 5 minutes. Rinse it off and dry with a clean towel before storing.

Clean Sponges
Remove the odor in your sponges by combining equal parts warm water and hydrogen peroxide in a deep bowl. Soak your sponge in it for 15 minutes and rinse. For a better clean after rinsing the sponge place it in the microwave and heat for a minute, then repeat soaking and rinsing. This will help extend the life of your sponge.

Clean Wooden Spoons and Cutting Board
Mix equal parts vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together to remove harmful bacteria and stain in wooden utensils. You can also soak wooden utensils in these mixture to remove the bacteria that manage to seep through the wood.

Relieve Sinus Infection
Mix 3 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water. Use this mixture to provide relief from minor sinus infection.

Mouth Wash
Use hydrogen peroxide to remove bacteria and odor in the mouth. It can also whiten the teeth. Mixing honey with hydrogen peroxide can lessen tooth ache.

Contact Lens Cleaner
Hydrogen peroxide can clean lenses due to its anti-bacterial properties. It is also effective in removing protein build up on the lenses that occurs when used over time.

Nail Care
Whiten nails by soaking cotton in hydrogen peroxide and wrapping it around the nail.

Hair Lightening
This has been a common use of hydrogen since the golden age. This is where the “bottle blonde” came from. Using hydrogen peroxide is a quick and natural way to lighten the hair. Mixing in color with hydrogen peroxide will also color the hair.

Dish washing Detergent
It can be used as an alternative to dish washing detergents, the antibacterial properties help clean dishes and kitchen utensils.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Mold
Hydrogen peroxide to can fix water damage and purifier the toilet bowl.

Water Purifier
Adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your humidifier will clear out unwanted bacteria and virus in the air.

Pet First Aid
If your pet accidentally induces anything toxic, give them a quick dose of hydrogen peroxide to make them vomit out the toxic substance.

Hydrogen peroxide is effective in removing wine, blood and pigmented stains. Combine equal parts liquid detergent and peroxide and soak stain in it. Blot with a paper towel or cloth and rinse with warm water.

Here just a few uses of hydrogen peroxide. Use this amazing liquid to your advantage and try them for different dilemmas at home.

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