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Foods that Help Ease Back Pain

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Taking painkillers helps put an end to an aching back although the freedom from pain is temporary only. Many of the drugs prescribed by doctors for back pain can cause a host of side effects. Some of them can be addictive too. The read deal behind painkillers is they only mask the pain and not actually deal with the root cause. It’s for this reason why your ordeal tends to show up once again as soon as the effect of these drugs wears off.

Fortunately, some of the best remedies for back pain are not habit-forming and do not yield all sorts of side effects. A lot of them may already be in your kitchen too. Continue reading to know some of the foods that you may include in your diet if you want to enjoy freedom from back pain.

Green Tea
Experts say that drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day can help keep back pain at bay. This is made possible by the rich supply of antioxidants that green tea provides. Consuming the beverage on a regular basis also helps neutralize toxic substances in your body as well a greatly slow down the natural process of aging.

When antioxidants are the ones being talked about, you can be sure that berries are right in the middle of the action. The likes of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and even acai berries are teeming with inflammation-fighting antioxidants. Berries are also loaded with vitamin C that strengthens your immune system, allowing you to heal much faster.

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These vitamin C-packed tropical fruits contain certain enzymes that help fight off inflammation, thus putting an end to pain. However, experts say you won’t benefit from them if you opt for the canned varieties. Consuming fresh pineapples to keep your back in an excellent condition also allows you to ward off constipation because they are loaded with fiber.

Because of its protein content, eating meat can be good for someone bugged by back pain. Protein is important for strong muscles and healthy bones. However, make sure that you opt for lean cuts of beef and pork to lower your consumption of saturated fats. You may also go for chicken or turkey breast, remembering to remove the skin beforehand.

Oily Fish
Also excellent sources of protein that may help ease back pain are mackerel, herring, trout, tuna, sardines, salmon and other oily fish. Aside from protein, all of them supply your body with omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy types of fats are very good at managing inflammation, thus providing you with relief from your nagging back.

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Soy Protein
According to a study conducted by the Oklahoma State University, participants who consumed soy protein enjoyed lesser pain than those who didn’t. To take advantage of the back pain-eliminating effects of soy, it’s a good idea to focus on fermented whole soy such as tempeh and tofu, and not soy protein isolates usually taken by bodybuilders.

Turmeric Powder
If you want to get rid of your back pain naturally, sit in front of a computer and scour the web for recipes with turmeric powder in them. This spice has superb anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease your aching back. Add turmeric powder liberally to your various dishes to help ward off chronic pain.

Turmeric powder comes from a spice that’s botanically related to ginger. It doesn’t come as a surprise why ginger is just as good as turmeric powder in easing inflammation. You can attain back pain relief by consuming dishes with ginger or regularly drinking a cup of ginger tea, something which is also good for indigestion and heartburn.

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