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Get to Know Holiday Depression More

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For many, the holiday season is an opportunity for socializing and partying. For others, however, it can bring about depression. If you tend to feel down at that time of the year when the days are shorter and nights are longer, keep on reading. Below you will come across some of the most important matters about what’s known as holiday depression.

Some of your family members and friends may also feel profound sadness during the holiday season. Sharing this article on your various social media sites can give them an idea on what they are going through yearly.

Common Reasons Why Depression Strikes

It can be quite ironic that it’s possible for you to feel down at a time where there are so many parties, booze, delectable treats and gifts all around. Distant family members and friends are given the chance to meet one another, too.

For some people, all of the above-mentioned things can cause stress and anxiety, and such can easily lead to a bout of depression. The truth is the holiday season is not just about laughter and get-togethers. Usually, it’s that time of the year where many are experiencing financial stress.

Then there’s also the fact that not everyone can go home and meet their family members and friends, unlike what the rest of the world seems to be doing.

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A lot of people tend to experience holiday depression right after New Year’s Day. Such is commonly brought about by frustrations about not meeting goals or expectations from the previous year, and also doubts and worries about the new year ahead.

How People Respond is a Contributor

While the holiday season is indeed filled with fun, it cannot be denied that it’s also packed with stress. Different people react differently to stress, and certain reactions can be blamed for holiday depression.

For instance, someone may wind up overeating in order to find comfort amidst stress. Such can leave the person feeling guilty and depressed, especially if he or she has been attempting to lose weight for some time now.

The intake of unhealthy foods and beverages can also trigger certain medical conditions to strike or cause already existing ones to become exacerbated. Definitely, it can be depressing to realize the fact that one has to pay for expensive medical care and pricey drugs in order to deal with high blood pressure, increased blood glucose levels, painful and inflamed joints, and so many others.

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Stress, especially the kind that’s poorly managed, can also wreak havoc to the hormones. According to health experts, hormonal imbalance is something that can have a considerable effect on a person’s mood.

Reduced Daylight Believed to be a Culprit, Too

During the holiday season, it’s common knowledge that the nights are longer than the days. Scientists say that such can also be blamed for the fact that a lot of people are experiencing depression during such time of the year. They say that it is all about not getting plenty of sunshine.

The sun is an excellent source of vitamin D which has so many functions. Some of them include making the immune system stronger and assisting the body in absorbing calcium much better, making it an important nutrient for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Doctors say that vitamin D is also essential for having the mood regulated. And since the sun is a source of the said nutrient, longer nights can easily deprive a person of much-needed vitamin D. This is basically the reason behind what is referred to as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, which is a form of depression that is associated with winter and also late autumn, obviously due to shorter days.

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