Healthy Yogurt for Summer

Yogurt is a fantastic summer food. Aside from the fact that it provides protein, calcium and other nutrients that allow you to carry out an assortment of fun and productive activities under the sun, the consumption of chilled yogurt helps cool you down too. It’s no wonder why a lot of people cannot say no to this highly nutritious and lip-smacking semisolid form of milk.

Did you know that there are various forms of yogurt available out there? This is great news because it means you can enjoy this super food in more ways than one. Whether you are trying to zap a few excess pounds or allergic to lactose, there’s a type of yogurt that’s right for you. Read on to know them so you that may start picking the ones perfect for your liking.

Probiotic Yogurt

You are not going to have a hard time getting your hands on probiotic yogurt because it’s the most common form of this food, readily available at the dairy section of your local supermarket. Just like what it’s called suggests, it contains live and active bacterial cultures.

Soy Yogurt

Individuals who are allergic to lactose or simply want to steer clear of dairy products may opt for soy yogurt instead of the more popular, traditional type. Although it is plant-based, soy yogurt is still an excellent source of protein and calcium.

Greek Yogurt

Also known as labneh, Greek yogurt has a consistency that’s thicker than most of its counterparts. It’s because the product has been strained in order to eliminate the whey content of milk. Despite of its unique consistency, Greek yogurt still boasts of the characteristic sour taste of yogurt that aficionados love.

Swiss Yogurt

The slightly thinner consistency of Swiss yogurt makes this nutritious food excellent for incorporation into cold beverages and desserts. Just like most other types of yogurt, Swiss yogurt is made of cultured milk. However, it is cooled in a large storage bin and stirred afterwards to give it its characteristic thin consistency.

Icelandic Yogurt

Also referred to as skyr, Icelandic yogurt will surely appeal to individuals who don’t like the sour taste and fat content of traditional yogurt. That’s because this particular yogurt type is out of skimmed milk. Icelandic yogurt is also popular for its thicker and more textured consistency.

Turkish Yogurt

Thick and chunky, Turkish yogurt in its place of origin is referred to as suzme yogurt, which means “strained yogurt”. Just like most yogurt on the market, Turkish yogurt is loaded with protein and calcium, as well as live bacterial cultures.


Highly popular in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, lassi is a yogurt-based beverage that boasts of the nutritional goodness of yogurt in the form of a refreshing drink. Lassi has a sweet taste especially when fruits are added into it. The traditional form of lassi tends to be on the savory side because of added spices such as ground cumin.

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