How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps in the Bikini Area

It’s easy to get razor Bumps when we shave the bikini line. Not only unsightly, but also painful,razor bumps may really annoy you. But, you can’t just leave the hair in because it’s also looks ugly. Here we would like to give you some suggestions to help you get rid of razor bumps in the bikini area.

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Clean and exfoliate. Use a mild cleanser to wash you bikini area first. Then, choose a gentle scrub to exfoliate the dead surface skin. Just Massage the exfoliator on your bikini line gently and then wash it off and dry the area with a towel. If your skin is sensitive, you can exfoliate before the day of shaving.

Use new razor to shave properly. A razor used for 2 or 3 times will develop bacteria and dull blades. A new razor may decrease the risk of getting razor bumps. Shaving in the direction of the hairs’ growth is very important. You will get razor bumps easier if you shave against the grain. And before shaving, you should apply some shaving gel which can increase the lubrication and allow the razor to glide seamlessly. Avoid pressing down on the razor when you’re shaving.

Apply cream to your razor bumps to soothe the irritation. An Acne cream that contains 2 percent salicylic acid is proved having a good effect on reducing the swelling and redness. Hydrocortisone cream is also effective. Apply the cream to the affected area regularly, you will get pleased result.

Witch hazel can lessen the chance of getting razor burn. Dab witch hazel with a cotton ball, and apply it to the bikini line. Leave it dry and then apply cream again. Do this once a day can ward off ingrown hairs effectively.

Tips & Warnings

•A warm shower will soften the hair and decrease the risk of irritation, so you can shave in the shower.
•Don’t shave every day and don’t go over the same area twice. Remove the hair again only after the skin has healed.
•Don’t scratch the area. It will cause infection and scarring.
•Wear cotton underwear to make you skin breathe properly.
•Waxing and laser hair removal may be other choices to replace shaving.


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