How to Increase Endorphins Naturally

Endorphins can make you feel sooooo good because they bring forth feelings of euphoria as well as reduced pain. They’re also the reason behind what’s known as runner’s high in which there is no pain or anxiety or even sense of time — just sheer ecstasy, according to those who have already experienced them.

Curious as to how it really feels? You don’t have to grab a pair of sneakers and start running like there’s no tomorrow just to get that runner’s high. Actually, there are so many things scientists say that you may do other than running if you want to flood your brain with endorphins, and some of the best ones are the following:

Have Dark Chocolate

What makes dark chocolate capable of giving you a runner’s high is the fact that there are compounds in it that help boost endorphin production naturally. Furthermore, this delectable treat that many can’t say no to also supplies the body with theobromine, a chemical from the cacao plant that can actually cause feelings of pleasure.

Add More Spice to Your Life

Capsaicin is the very substance that causes hot chili peppers to make your mouth feel like it is on fire. Did you know that it’s also something that is proven to help increase the amounts of endorphins in your brain? But aside from capsaicin, those really hot peppers also yield vision-sharpening vitamin A and immune system-strengthening vitamin C.


Something as simple as watching your favorite TV sitcom or chatting with a hilarious pal is usually enough to cause an overflow of those endorphins. And dig this: scientists found out that even faking a smile is very good at making you feel great. So whenever you’re feeling down, just have the corners of your mouth upturned!

Take a Whiff of Lavender

Based on numerous studies, the smell of lavender is capable of enticing the brain to release all sorts of chemicals, and endorphins are some of those. In other words, filling your life with the smell of lavender which comes in many forms — essential oil, incense sticks, candles, tea — can give you the same feeling that runner’s get to enjoy.

Sing a Song

Even if you’re not a chart-topping pop singer, just go ahead and sing your heart out because, according to experts, it’s very good at increasing endorphin production. Worried that you will hurt someone’s eardrums in your quest to feel terrific? It’s also perfectly fine to hum or whistle or tap — any form of making music will do.

Have an Active Lifestyle

The fact is it’s very much possible for you to have higher amounts of endorphins in your brain even without hitting the gym. Gardening, washing your car, dancing, riding a bicycle to the supermarket, taking your dog for a stroll or just about any other physical activity can actually cause a surge in endorphins.

Get a Massage

Everyone knows that having your entire body or just parts of it like the feet or shoulders massaged is a great way to release stress. Did you know that the reason why it works so well other than helping to release muscle tension is the fact that touch can help increase the amount of endorphins your brain produces?

Make Love

Last but not least, it’s also a good idea to fool around with your other half if you want to experience the pleasure that a rush in endorphins can bring. Actually, it’s an endless cycle — having sex can cause a boost in endorphins, and having a boost in endorphins can give you the kind of bliss which can entice you to make love.

Amazed at how you can achieve that runner’s high even without actually running? Then feel free to share this article on your various social media accounts and let others know how they can easily increase endorphins naturally!

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