Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina – is used as a dietary supplement, it can be taken in flake, powder or tablet form. It is a cyano-bacterium that is safe to consume. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.

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Below are some well-known health benefits of Spirulina:

Healthy Dieting with Spirulina
– Spirulina is packed with fiber, making digestion easier. It can help increase good cholesterol and boost energy.
– It is also rich in Beta carotene and vitamin
– Spirulina can fight of malnutrition and help absorb nutrients in food.
– It also increases good bacteria in the digestive system and help detoxify the body.
– Spirulina can increase metabolism, energy and immunity.
– Athletes include spirulina to their dietary needs to help boost work outs and muscle regeneration.

Anti Aging
– Spirulin are packed with antioxidant that flush out free radicals.
– It contains high amounts of beta carotene that improve eye sight.
– It is also high in iron and magnesium.
– Spirulina is great for nerve and tissue health.
– It can decrease formation of age spots and wrinkles.
– It is a great supplement for vegetarians.

– It can lessen allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to allergens.
– It helps eliminate toxins that we breathe in through pollution or accumulate from the food we eat.

Prevention for Diseases
– Spirulina is known to reduce cell damage and remove free radicals
– It lowers bad cholesterol level.
– Prevents cancer cells and tumors from forming.
– It is also known to fight bad bacteria in the body and protect the liver from diseases.
– Spirulina can also relieve digestion and ease bowel movements.

– Spirulina can be taken in tablet or powdered form. Consult your doctor before taking or adding spirulina to current medication.

Side effects
• Some people may get allergic reactions from spirulina. It can cause hives, rashes and difficulty breathing.

Spirulina is not suitable for everybody, people who suffer from lupus, phenylketonuria, autoimmune diseasses and people who are taking medication such as prednisone should not take it. It can worsen condition and prevent medication from working. Consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

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