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Make Your Own Ginger Powder at Home

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No matter if you have nausea, indigestion or painful joints, you can always count on ginger tea to attain relief. Because of its sheer effectiveness, ginger tea is a very popular home remedy for a lot of health problems — you are not going to have a hard time getting your hands on ginger tea bags or powder.

Did you know that it’s rather easy to come up with ginger powder in your own kitchen? Having a container of it within your easy reach allows you to whip up a cup of ginger tea whenever you need one, regardless if you have a stuffy nose, painful menstruation or any other problem that ginger tea can chase away — without unfavorable side effects!

In coming up with ginger powder, you need to have a food processor or a spice or coffee grinder. It’s the one kitchen tool you need to turn ginger root into powder that can easily dissolve in hot water. With ginger powder, you can save a lot of time because you no longer have to steep a piece of fresh ginger root each time.

Before you can turn fresh ginger root into powder, it needs to be dried. You can always count on a dehydrator — it’s a staple in the kitchens of those who are into dehydrating fruits. But worry not if you don’t own a dehydrator. That’s because you can always place slices of fresh ginger root under the sun to dry them up.

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Your homemade ginger powder can last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. For an impressive shelf life, it’s important to keep it in an airtight container, placed in a cool and dry place in your kitchen. By the way this homemade ginger powder is not only good for making ginger tea, but also just about anything that has ginger in it!

So without further ado, here are the steps to make ginger powder with your own hands:


Step #1: Peel Your Fresh Ginger Root

Grab a piece of fresh ginger root. Thoroughly wash it under running water. Remove the tough skin with the use of a peeler or small knife. Be careful!


Step #2: Chop It Up

After peeling, chop up your fresh ginger root into thin slices. Doing such allows for quick drying whether with the use of a dehydrator or via good old sun-drying.

Some people prefer to cut up fresh ginger root into really small chunks as they find them easier to pulverize with the use of a spice or coffee grinder. How you would like to chop up that fresh ginger root solely depends on your personal preference.

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Step #3: Let Them Dry Thoroughly

Once you’re done chopping up your fresh ginger root in the way you want, it’s time to neatly place them on a rack and stash it in the dehydrator for several hours, until the slices of ginger root are completely dry.

Got no dehydrator? Fret not. Simply arrange your slices of fresh ginger root on just about any rack you have and place it under direct sunlight. Don’t forget to turn them over after a while so that both sides will be perfectly dehydrated.


Step #4: It’s Time to Grind

The moment that those slices of ginger root are hard and dry, they are ready to be turned into powder. For this task, you will need a food processor or spice or coffee grinder. Just remember not to stop pulverizing those slices of ginger root until they are turned into fine powder!

Having a hard time pulverizing them? Here’s a smart tip: stash your ginger root slices in the freezer for a couple of hours. Once they’re frozen, grind them. Easy peasy!


Step #5: Transfer to a Container

Once completely pulverized, transfer your homemade ginger powder to a clean air-tight container. There’s no need to place in the fridge — just make it a habit to store it in a cool and dry place in your kitchen.

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