Powder Power: Make Your Own Turmeric Powder at Home

Turmeric powder is a staple ingredient in Asian cuisine, in particular Indian dishes. Also, the deep yellow spice is a common entry on several different lists of natural cures for a variety of health problems. While getting one’s hands on a pack of turmeric powder at your favorite supermarket is trouble-free, some people actually like to make their own turmeric powder from scratch. Just like with anything that’s homemade, turmeric powder produced in your kitchen is usually better and fresher than its store-bought counterpart.

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Did you know that some turmeric powder on the current market have food coloring in them? The ingredient is added to make all sorts of foods look brighter with just a few sprinkles of turmeric powder. On the other hand, you need to sprinkle a lot of homemade turmeric powder to whatever it is you are whipping up to give it the rich golden color you want. The addition of more turmeric is actually a good thing as it allows you to fully take advantage of the numerous health benefits offered by the said spice. By the way, homemade turmeric is more fragrant that the mass-produced kind.

So without further ado, here are the simple steps on how to come up with your very own turmeric powder:


Step #1: Buy Turmeric Root

Hit the grocery store or local farmers’ market and purchase some turmeric root. The best ones to buy are large ones with smooth skins. Also, check that they do not have any mold.


Step #2: Wash Them Thoroughly

Have those turmeric root washed under running water. Make sure that you remove as much dirt as you can. If you want, you may also use a scouring pad to get rid of dirt on the surface of your turmeric root.


Step #3: Boil Turmeric Root

In a large saucepan, boil turmeric root for about 45 minutes. Make sure that all of them are submerged in boiling water throughout the process. Afterwards, drain and allow them to cool to room temperature.


Step #4: Peel and Slice Into Small Pieces

Once cool, grab a peeler or a small knife and remove the peel. Then slice them up into long pieces, about 5 cm thick each. It’s a good idea to wear rubber or latex gloves to keep your palms and fingers from being stained.


Step #5: Allow to Dry Overnight

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Line a large plate with a bunch of paper towels and neatly place your boiled and sliced turmeric root on it. Let them stay there overnight. Replace wet paper towels with new ones halfway.


Step #5: Stash Them in a Cool and Dry Place

Transfer everything in a shallow bowl and place in a cool and dry place. See to it that the spot is well-ventilated. Placing turmeric root under direct sunlight will cause the characteristic color to fade.


Step #6: Wait 5 to 7 Days

It may take 5 to 7 days before your turmeric root is ready for grinding. Every day or every other day, it is a good idea to stir them to make sure that every piece is equally dry.


Step #7: Break Them for Easy Grinding

At the end of 5 to 7 days, those pieces of turmeric root should be very hard. Before placing them in the grinder, grab your mortar and pestle and carefully break them up into smaller pieces for a more trouble-free grinding.


Step #8: It’s Time to Grind Them

Using a coffee or nut grinder, turn those broken pieces of turmeric root into powder. Do take note that it can be really challenging to have them ground. Be patient and give your grinder plenty of time to rest to avoid overheating.


Step #9: Transfer in a Clean Container

The best way to keep your homemade turmeric powder fresh is by storing it in a clean container that’s air-tight. There is no need to stash it in the fridge; keep the container in a cool and dry place in your kitchen.

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