Steps to Control Blood Pressure without Medication

High blood pressure can put you at risk of suffering from various health conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and the like. There are many factors that can contribute to having high blood pressure such as diet, lifestyle, weight, and age and although most people rely on medication to regulate their blood pressure, there are other steps to be taken that can alleviate this problem. If you are looking for other more natural means of controlling your blood pressure, here are some that you should consider.

Start exercising. Constant physical activity can do you a lot of good particularly in terms of your blood pressure. Walking, jogging, swimming, and even running can keep your blood pressure at a reasonable number while strengthening the rest of your body at the same time. Even if you are pre-hypertensive, exercise can reduce your risk of suffering from full-blown hypertension.

Lose weight. One factor that can cause your blood pressure to rise is your weight. If you weigh more than the required number based on your height and age, you are a likely candidate of having hypertension. This is why it is always a good idea to ask your doctor what your BMI is so you will have a better idea as to whether you need to lose weight or not. Don’t forget to measure your waist too as it can also help your doctor determine whether you need to start losing weight.

Reduce stress as much as you can. Stress cannot be avoided regardless of whether you are at home or at work. But too much of it can actually cause your blood pressure to spike. Health experts know that without any outlet, we are putting ourselves at risk of suffering from various health issues that are connected to high blood pressure. If you are feeling stressed out, you need to find a way to release your stress. It can be something as simple as walking a couple of blocks to clear your head or going out for a run. Playing sports is also a good idea. Just find what works for you best.

Minimize your sodium intake. If you have high blood pressure, it is important that you reduce your consumption of foods that are high in sodium content. Researchers from Mayo Clinic had determined that by cutting your intake of sodium, you are actually lowering your blood pressure up to 8 mmHg. You can start by minimizing the times you eat out at a fancy restaurant or the number of times you order take out.

Monitor your blood pressure. It is important that you keep tabs on your blood pressure within the day. You can use a BP monitor to track your current blood pressure levels so you will know whether there are any changes to it. You should talk to your doctor about this first so you can have an idea on which gadget to use and whether it will be efficient in keeping track of your blood pressure.

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