The Basic Truths About Eyelashes

When we put on our makeup, we always focus on how to make our lash curls attractive because it accentuates our eyes. Eyelashes, the little hairs that line on the lids of our eyes are there for a purpose. More than enhancing the aesthetic beauty of our eyes, it also serves other noteworthy functions.

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Learn the noteworthy functions and other facts behind these tiny hairs.

They protect the eyes.

Eyelashes serve as eyes’ protectors from harmful air particles such as dirt, dust and sand. They help sweep off these particles before they enter into our eyes. They also protect our eyes from moisture like sweat or rain. The curved shape of the lashes as well as how are they positioned prevent moisture from getting into our eyes. It also shield the eyes from the brightness emit by the sun. They help in filtering the sunlight that shines in your eyes.

They serve as whiskers.

Lashes perform the same sensory role as cat’s whiskers. These tiny hairs are sensitive to touch that they can sense and alert you if there is possible danger coming near the eye area. These dangers include small insects, dusts or little debris that could penetrate the eye. They send signals to eyelids when they need to close in order to protect the eyes from harm. They serve as your first line of defense.

They are all-protein.

Our lashes are 97 percent keratin and 3 percent water. To keep them strong, look for biotin also known as Vitamin H in you lash products. You can also find this vitamin in the following food sources: chicken, eggs, almonds and whole grains. In addition, load up your vitamin C intake because these essential antioxidants, which are found in citrus fruits, help repair lashes and protect against damage.

They have short life span.

These little hairs have a life span of about 90 days (3 months). Every day, an average of one to five lashes fall out your eyelids. Do you notice lash shedding off your eyes? Don’t fret. The fallen lashes are replaced. They take four to eight weeks for the regrowth of hair to full lengths.

They undergo the same hair growth stages.

Since lashes are hair, too, they go through exactly the same cycle of hair growth – the anagen stage or the active growth period, the catagen phase, the transitional period and the telogen phase, the resting period. Ninety percent of our lashes are in active growth stage where they grow about .16 millimeters a day. When your lashes fall out, they grow back on their own.

They are fuller on top.

The upper eyelid has 200-300 lashes while the lower lid has 75 to 100 lashes. When you are applying your mascara, take note that the middle lashes are longer than your side lashes.

There are tiny mites live on your lashes.

Yes, you read it right. There are parasitic mites living on your lashes, known as Demodex. These mites help remove dirt and clean your lash follicles, shielding your eyes from gross infections. They help you prevent eye infection like a painful sty.

Your mascara has long been used as eyelash makeup in the world.

As early as 4000 BC, the Ancient Egyptians were the first people to use mascara to darken their lashes. The modern mascara formula that most women use was created in France in 1913 by Rimmel. This popular eye makeup continues to innovate and provide our eyes that beautiful sparkle.

Your favorite eyelash curler has a shelf life, too.

Did you know that eyelash curler only last for six months? The more you use it, the silicon pad in it wears down. Therefore, you need to replace them to maintain maximum precision and prevent eye or lash damage. Unable to replace your eyelash curler makes you prone from lash damage. If you want to achieve perfect lash curls, ensure that your eye tools are always in good condition.

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