Is Scalp Botox The Answer To Your Sweaty Scalp Woes?

During workouts, your body parts sweat heavily including your scalp. Surprisingly, a new cosmetic trend is attracting many women to reduce post-workout sweat on their scalp as well as blowout-preserving solution. Known as scalp Botox, this treatment is becoming a trend, according to New York City- based dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak.

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At present, this serum is Food and Drug Administration approved to treat crow’s feet and frown lines. It has yet to be approved as treatment for sweat since it is technically considered as “off-label”. However, the said serum has shown to improve sweating in the armpit, palms and soles of the feet for five years.

According to Dr. Sohleil Simzar, a dermatologist-based in Los Angeles, when they started using Botox to patients’ forehead, they found out that it also helps in suppressing sweat among participants. Skin experts have revealed that Botox was used as scalp injection to help diminish pain due to migraine.

How does scalp Botox work?

It blocks the communication between the nerve and sweat gland effectively from working and perspiration. It is just recently that the trend started to gain acceptance from the public.

Dr. Russak first performed the scalp procedure a year ago when a patient complained that her head sweats a lot after workout. This leads to hair unable to keep up with washing and staying sane. When she did the procedure, the scalp continues to sweat but so much less. She confirmed that Dr. Russak this kind of procedure also saved patients from hair blowout.

By simple word of mouth, Dr. Russak estimates that she has treated at least 20 women who had similar conditions in recent months. According to Dr. Russak, this treatment is great for those who work out a lot and it makes a difference for someone who produces so much sweat that is affecting her life.

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Dr. Simzar highlighted that scalp Botox has helped many patients most especially employees who participate in yoga and Pilates held in their offices as part of their wellness program. Now, you not need to worry with your hair soaked with sweat after yoga and Pilates as having this kind of procedure provide additional help for them without compromising their professionalism.

The scalp Botox procedure is done by injecting extremely superficial injections throughout the scalp, using the tiniest needle available. The needle is smaller than the size of a hair. Depending on the size of your head as well as how severe your perspiration is, a full treatment requires 100 to 150 injections per session.

The good thing about this treatment is your scalp does not have many nerve endings and it does not hurt as much as it would to get Botox on your face. Dr. Simzar reiterates that the scalp Botox does not require numbing the area first.

Moreover, this treatment can deactivate sweat glands from six to 12 months unlike Botox that is used for the treatment of wrinkles, which fades away quickly.

Another advantage of scalp Botox treatment, it is life-altering because it makes your hair great looking especially if you are not working out. Even if you do this treatment once a year, it is worth it. There are also evidences that it may promote hair growth.

Despite its benefits particularly on diminishing the amount of sweat on the scalp area, skin doctors do not recommend this procedure for this is an indulgent one. If your hair behaves well, do not go for this. But if your sweat affects your workout routine or social life and you have cash to spare, by all means, you can undergo this procedure.

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