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8 Home Remedies for Hangovers

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Celebrations and simple get-togethers are sure to be good times. The problem with these times is we forget things we do to cope with the excessive consumption of alcohol. Let the tips below. Help you hangovers:


Water is the best remedy for hangovers. Hangover comes with dehydration. Dehydration of the body triggers different conditions that bring pain and discomfort. In times of a hangover, drink more than 8 glasses of water to be hydrated.


Raising the blood sugar levels is one way to bring relief to symptoms caused by hangovers. You may drink orange juice. A fresh squeezed orange juice is better. For acidic stomach, refrain from orange juice. Try apple juice.


Fill a plastic bag with crushed ice. Wrap it with a towel and place it over the head where it hurts. You may also try rinsing a washcloth with cold water and place it on the forehead.

Sports Drinks

Lost electrolytes and glucose can be replaced by drinking sports drink. Replace lost fluids and rehydrate.

Rice, Toast, or Soup

Until your stomach can handle solid food, keep drinking clear liquids. If feeling better, start with easy to digest food such as soup, toast, and rice.

Honey and Lemons

Mix honey, hot water, and lemon. Rehydrate with water and replace lost sugars with this beverage. Use honey as an alternative to white sugar. Honey’s high fructose content will compete for the body’s metabolism.

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Ginger Root

Nausea and seasickness have been treated with ginger. Ginger ale is best to treat hangover, which is almost the same as seasickness. Take four cups of water and boil up to 12 slice of ginger root. Let it boil for ten minutes. Add  ½ cup of honey, the juice of 1 squeezed orange, and half a lemon’s juice.


Constant peeing drains potassium from the body. Banana is the best food to replace the lost potassium. Get a piece, peel, and then eat.

After party syndromes are common.  Getting one of them readily available is of great help. Fill your kitchen with these remedies.

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