10 Foods to Eat to Build More Lean Muscles

In order to build lean muscles, you have to challenge your body through some physical activities such as lifting weights and using resistance bands. It’s also very important for you to provide your body with the right nutrition.

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Wanting to build more lean muscles? This article is made exclusively for you. Below you will come across some of the foods that you should regularly include in your diet to encourage your body to grow lean muscles.

1. Chicken Breast

A staple in the diet of bodybuilders is chicken breast. That’s because it is very high in protein but low in saturated fat and bad cholesterol, most especially if you ditch the skin and cook it in a healthy fashion, such as grilling or broiling.

Fitness experts say that chicken breast is also an excellent source of B vitamins, and that’s why it’s something that’s very good for someone like you who is physically active in order to build lean muscles.

2. Eggs

Just like where they came from, eggs are phenomenal sources of protein. They’re high in the amino acid called leucine, which is very important for building lean muscles, according to scientists.

Healthy omega-3 fatty acids are also supplied by eggs. Nutritionists say that omega-3 fatty acids are major role players in keeping the muscles healthy, and they may actually help increase the effects of exercise.

3. Lean Beef

The addition of lean beef to your diet can help you gain muscle mass in no time since it’s very rich in protein. What’s more, it is an excellent source of iron, a mineral that helps deliver oxygen to your muscles.

Because even lean beef has more saturated fat and cholesterol than most other sources of protein, it’s very important that you cook it in the healthiest fashion that you can think of in order to avoid adding any fattening ingredient to it.

4. Salmon

If you want to supply your body with lots of protein and iron but less saturated fat and cholesterol, then consider having salmon on a regular basis. It also has iodine that is needed by the body for growth and development.

Just like eggs, salmon is an incredible source of omega-3 fatty acids. Actually, you can obtain these healthy fats from other oily fish, too, such as herring, tuna, sardines, trout and halibut.

5. Greek Yogurt

An amazing post-workout snack is Greek yogurt because it is low in calories and saturated fat, plus it contains two kinds of protein — one is slow-digesting casein and the other is fast-digesting whey.

Based on numerous scientific investigations, the building of lean muscles can be accelerated by including in the diet both casein and whey. Aside from eating Greek yogurt after working out, you may also have it at bedtime.

6. Cottage Cheese

Just like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese also comes from milk. This is the reason why consuming it is a wonderful idea if your goal is to build lean muscles as it’s a very good source of muscle-building protein.

In the market these days, cottage cheese is available in varying fat content. Make sure that you consult your nutritionist or physical trainer to know which one is ideal for your fitness goal.

7. Soybeans

Are you on the hunt for a non-animal food source of protein? Then go for soybeans. According to experts, soybeans are some of the best plant-sources of protein on the face of the planet.

Other than soybeans themselves, you may also consume food products that contain or are made from soybeans. Some wonderful examples include soy milk, tofu, miso, natto, tempeh and edamame.

8. Nuts

If you’re a vegetarian or you just want to reduce your dietary intake of saturated fat and cholesterol while attempting to build lean muscles, snack on a handful of nuts on an everyday basis.

Aside from protein, nuts such as cashews, pecans, almonds and peanuts also supply your body with calories — you need lots of energy if you want to grow lean muscles effectively.

9. Seeds

Just like nuts, seeds are also excellent non-animal food sources of protein. The addition of seeds to your diet on a regular basis also helps ensure that you get good amounts of calcium, iron, copper and potassium.

What’s so amazing about seeds is they can make anything that they are added to possess a more interesting texture, and that is why being on a strict diet need not feel like a drag.

10. Brown Rice

There are a couple of reasons why brown rice should be on this list of foods that help build lean muscles. First, it has good carbohydrates that provide your body with the fuel it needs to grow lean muscles.

Second, it is a good source of protein. Brown rice, according to numerous scientific investigations conducted on it, is just as effective for building lean muscles as whey protein shakes.

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