14 Genius and Helpful Tricks for Fixing Makeup Mistakes

People that are around makeup all the time can still make mistakes. Don’t worry about making these makeup mistakes; it happens and practice and knowledge will make you better. Here is a list of how to properly correct them.

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Makeup Mistakes

• Test brand new foundation on the jawline instead of the arm or the hands. Blend the foundation in the jawline; pick the foundation that looks natural.

• Avoid getting oily and sticky face by using a mattifying gel moisturizer. Avoid using cream moisturizer; this will just worsen your oily skin.

• Avoid getting oily foundation by using moisturizer. When you have oily skin use diluted apple cider vinegar instead.

• Completely cover pimple or redness in the face by applying foundation, concealer and setting powder. This will make the mark disappear and will last longer on the skin instead of just using concealer.

• Use a mattifier instead of loose powder to hide oily skin. Loose powder will only create a cakey look.

• Always carry an oil blotting paper with you. Remove oil from the t zone every few hours to prevent oily skin. Ran out of blotting paper? Use a coffee filter instead.

• Blend out your concealer with your fingers before applying foundation. This will make the cover up more natural.

• Apply foundation in different strokes. This will prevent you from getting foundation streaks in your face.

• Use a color corrector to hide dark circles. Using color correctors creates a more natural cover up unlike plain concealers.

• Apply concealers or color correctors in a right triangle shape. This will make the cover up look natural and make it seem like highlights.

• Apply bronzer on the cheeks, jaw line, temple, forehead and the side of the nose. Not your whole face.

• Prevent pumping your mascara. This will dry it out and accelerate bacteria growth.

• Wear matte lipstick instead of gloss ones if you want to make your lips appear bigger.

• Avoid fast fading eye makeup by wearing an eyelid primer.

• If you have oily skin, avoid using shimmer. This will only accentuate your oily skin.
It is hard to get it right at your first time, a little bit more practice with application, good and reliable makeup and knowledge of makeup techniques will help you become the best makeup guru.

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