15 Surprising Uses of Lemons You’d Never Think Of

Never underestimate that adorable tiny yellow thing called a lemon. It’s not as innocent as it looks. Today you will learn that the citrus fruit you keep around your kitchen is not only a taste enhancer but there are also secret uses of it.

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  1. Normally we would wash our hands with water after eating, but sometimes there are stains left behind that are hard to remove with just water. Well then, use lemon juice.
  2. Lemons can clean your microwave. Well, not literally, silly. A cup of water mixed with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice is all there is to it. Boil the mixture in the microwave for 5 minutes. Afterwards, clean like a boss.
  3. Tired of the pesky tiny particles stuck in the holes and crevices of the food grater? The struggle is over. With the half of a lemon, rub both sides. With minimal effort the remains will come off by itself. Squeaky clean for the next use.
  4. It would be very satisfying to see your old stainless steel, copper and brass potteries looking new again all just because of the lemon. Sprinkle a lemon wedge with salt and start rubbing away the stains. With the addition of a little water, you just saved some cash by not replacing your pots with new ones. This does not only apply to pots, but on other objects too that are stainless steel, copper and brass.
  5. Lemon possesses some healing qualities and one of the many complications, it can heal is sore throat. Over a gas stove, hold a skewered half of a lemon. When the yellow peel changes into golden brown, mix the juice with a teaspoon of honey. Drink.
  6. Above you learned that lemon can shine pots like brand new. It can do the same for chopping boards. Get a lemon, slice it in half and squeeze the juice of a half onto the board. Scrub and let sit while soaking for 20 minutes. Rinse with water. If you’re not satisfied with the cleanliness, you may repeat the process again. Lemon also removes the foul odor from spices that have been cut into the board.
  7. Let’s do a bit of recap; you can use lemon on your hands, microwave, and kitchen materials. It can also help you with the removal of blackheads. Shrink the pores and make the blackheads look less noticeable by rinsing the face every day. Should the blackhead turn to a mere pimple, dab lemon juice twice a day.
  8. If you’re a student like me who sometimes get pen inks on his school uniform and find it almost impossible to remove then worry no further because lemon can also do the job for that. Take note that the lemon should be applied before the ink dries. Wash with cold water afterwards and see the magic.
  9. Of course, the all-time favorite use of lemon: fridge freshener.
  10. Lemon also acts as an alternative for insecticide. Lock your crosshairs on door thresholds, window sills, cracks or holes; then squirt the hell out of those places with some lemon juice. When finished, don’t just throw away the peels. Leave it around the outdoor entrance so that whatever ants or even cockroaches can be fended off. They hate the smell of lemon.
  11. Ah, the smell of burning sulfur on your fireplace. That’s easy, grab lemons and burn them. Seriously.
  12. Don’t be selfish; share the blessing of lemon with your pet, particularly a cat. Slice lemons in half and place them on a dish, side up, and notice how the air soon smells like lemon.
  1. Lemon can shine chopping boards, brass and whatnot. You know what else it can shine? Chrome. Shine the chromes by rubbing lemon rind over them before rinsing and drying with a soft cloth.
  2. There seems to be an infinite use for lemons. It can also be paired with your laundry detergent. As the washer washes, pour a cup of lemon juice into it. The lemon will bleach stains and inks, and have your clothes smelling fresh.
  3. Are white clothes starting to look like gray or something like that? Add lemon juice to the wash.
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