3 Simple Moves You Can Try for Knee Pain

The jury is in: “Bad knees” aren’t sidelining your workout; your hips may be the guilty party. According to a review of 28 years’ worth of research on common exercise injuries, hip strength is the biggest predictor of knee pain. So grab a resistance band and do these moves daily, working up to 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.

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1. Side Swing:


Anchor band on left side at floor height and loop band around right ankle. Balancing on left foot (hold on to something if needed), raise right leg out to side; lower.

2. Front Kick:


Turn so band is anchored behind you and around left ankle, foot flexed. Swing left leg forward about 12 inches, keeping it straight, and return to start.

3. Seated Rotator:


Sit so band is anchored to right and around left ankle. Cross ankles. Keeping knees together, rotate left leg outward about 12 inches. Return to start.

By Natalie Gingerich
Image credit: gizmodo.com

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