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Weight Loss: Start Small, Lose Weight More

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Losing weight is probably on top of your list this year but there are so many factors that prevent us from actually seeing some serious pounds disappear from our body. Yes, you’re probably thinking of committing a few hours of your time in the gym, sweating it out and all, and that you’ll go on a strict diet to really shed some weight but have you really done any of the two? It’s great that you want to take control of your weight but if you can’t commit to such a program just yet, it is always a good idea to start small. Making small changes to your routines can help you shed weight little by little.

Workout during commercials. No time to hit the gym? Convert those breaks in between your TV shows to do some cardio or HIIT exercises to make you sweat it out. Doing bodyweight workouts while the commercials are running will help elevate your heart rate which, in turn, can burn calories for weight loss. Doing this for 2 hours will make you burn up to 200 calories already which isn’t that bad compared to just sitting there.

Update your workout playlist. Most of us have a workout playlist whenever we do our fitness routine but make sure that you update it from time to time to give your body a good rhythm for burning those excess calories. Go for upbeat tempos to help you time your reps for better burn.

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Add more minutes to your walks. Going out for a walk is always a good idea as it helps you burn calories. But don’t just limit your walks to ten minutes only. Make it a point to add more minutes each time you go out to build your stamina and to speed up your metabolism too. You’ll probably feel less stressed afterwards because you get to clear your head while you are out and about.

Choose whole grains. Refined carbs from pasta and white rice will cause your blood sugar to spike which can trigger your cravings. Swap it with whole grains to get more fiber into your system as well as nutrients so that you’ll feel fuller for hours. This will also save you from eating unnecessary snacks that can add more calories to your weight.

Use the stairs. Most of us tend to use the elevators in our office building to move from one floor to the next but if you are aiming to shed some pounds, ditch the elevators and just use the stairs instead. Walking up and down the stairs is a good exercise to incorporate into your day as it will strengthen your muscles and core while helping you burn some serious calories. You can add some weights like a heavy bag or books and you’ll be elevating your heart rate to the point where you’ll be torching fats and calories for hours.

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Get more vegetables and fruits into your system. Another trick to start losing weight is to dedicate more space on your plate to fruits and vegetables. These two are packed with important vitamins, minerals, fats, and other essential nutrients that will enhance your immune system, speed up your metabolism, and flush out the toxins from your body so any excess fat will be eliminated or prevented from forming. 

So you see? Losing weight is possible with just a few tweaks to your day. From adding micro exercises to changing your current diet and to avoiding certain types of food, you will keep calories from piling up.

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