5 Food Mistakes That Hurt Your Skin

A lot of studies have been done to link our diets to our skin health. A few studies have suggested that food or diet doesn’t affect skin health, but according to recent studies it does. It is said that there is a certain diet to follow to get healthy and glowing skin. There is also certain foods that can onset wrinkles, acne breakouts, irritation, allergies, skin cancer and more.

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If you want to keep your skin healthy, here are some diet mistakes to avoid.

Too Much Sodium

See those bags under  your eyes or that tired looking eyes? These can be caused by too much sodium. Discoloration in the eyes happens when we get puffy eyelids and eye bas from retaining too much water. Thank the high sodium bacon and pizza you had yesterday. Salt has been linked to acne breakouts. To avoid swelling or bloating just minimize your salt intake.

Too Much Dairy

Dairy is a huge part of our healthy diet, but there is a thing as to having too much dairy. A study has concluded that dairy products can cause whitehead, blackhead and pimples. A hormone found in milk can stimulate the production or pore clogging cells and sebum. People who suffer from hormonal acne should avoid dairy.

Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol can be good for the body, but too much can cause skin problems. People who drink too much experience hangovers. For anybody who has experienced a hangover, you should know that one of the side effects of it is dry and dull skin. Too much drinking can cause dehydration and wrinkles. Alcohol is also known to trigger some skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Alcohol also removes much needed vitamin A in our system. This vitamin helps renew cells and keep the skin healthy. Drink with caution, consuming one alcoholic drink per day is ideal.

Too Many Empty Carbs

Diets that are full of empty Carbs such as bread, candy, soda, fruit juices and pasta can cause acne. These types of foods can increase glycemic levels in the blood. These releases hormones that produce pore clogging cells and sebum. A Study has proven that a high sugar diet can also cause premature aging and cell damage. People who are prone to acne should avoid sweet and high Carb foods. Opt for whole grain and protein rich foods.

Saying No to Healthy Fats

People who try to lose weight or start a healthy lifestyle tend to cut off fat from their daily intake, but for our body to function properly we still need fat in our body. Mostly healthy  fats are needed to remain hydrated and healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon, almonds and soybeans are healthy fats that can also help you lose weight. Having enough of these healthy fats can prevent onset inflammation, dry skin, acne, and wrinkles. Omega 3 fatty acids also known to prevent skin cancer.

Image credits: selfimprovementbyumair.blogspot.com

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