6 Habits That Can Make Your Anxiety Worse

Do you suffer from anxiety? And are you frustrated that your problem seems to bug you very often despite your best efforts to overcome it? Maybe it’s not what you are voluntarily doing to combat your anxiety — perhaps it’s some of your habits that are feeding your anxiety without your knowledge!

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Below you will find some of the habits that can actually worsen your anxiety. Each time you come across something that you are guilty of, spring into action and do your best to turn your back from it.


Having a Me-Time All the Time

Choosing to spend most of your waking hours alone is not a good idea most especially if you have anxiety. Experts say that it’s one of the worst things that many anxiety sufferers commit. Instead, what you need to do is surround yourself with your family and friends, and do productive and memorable activities with them to keep your mind busy, leaving you with no time to worry about stuff you tend to worry about.


Staying Inactive

Everyone knows that exercising not only helps you stay in shape, but also makes you feel happy — it’s all about your brain being flooded with happy hormones when you work out. Most physical activities can be counted as a form of exercise, and that’s why getting on your feet instead of plopping down the couch or bed can help lift your mood, leaving no room for your anxiety. It’s also a wonderful idea to spend time under the sun, which is a great source of vitamin D — a nutrient necessary for keeping the mood lifted.


Drinking Coffee — Lots of It

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It’s no secret that the consumption of coffee can cause jitteriness, nausea and palpitations most especially in those who are very sensitive to caffeine, the active ingredient of your favorite java. These unfavorable side effects can trigger anxiety — or worsen it, if you are already having an attack. To steer clear of an anxiety attack, cut back on coffee or avoid it altogether. You should also limit your intake of other caffeinated beverages such as tea, soda and energy drinks.


Missing Out on Meals

We are all aware that a healthy eating habit is good for you, whether or not you have anxiety. Did you know that forgetting to eat can set off your anxiety? This has something to do with the decline of sugar levels in your bloodstream — when it happens, it can cause anxiety-like symptoms. Eventually, once you have become fully aware of those symptoms, they may stop being anxiety-like and become an actual anxiety attack!


Depriving Yourself of Sleep

Your anxiety may keep you from feeling sleepy. However, you should do your best to overcome such issue that’s very common among anxiety sufferers. Otherwise, being deprived of sleep can leave you even more anxious the following day. Experts say that lack of sleep can increase one’s stress levels. As a person who is facing anxiety, you know very well that being stressed is an utter no-no because it can give rise to anxiety. Being active during the day, performing a nightly routine and relying on some natural sleep aids like such as chamomile tea can help you get a good night’s sleep.


Always Checking Out Social Media Sites

Numerous studies say that spending a lot of time using social media can actually leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Coming across photos of someone’s Parisian vacation or newly-bought sports car can make you feel inferior, and this can kick start a bout of anxiety. Rather than staying in touch with your family and friends electronically, do your best to be in the know in a more traditional approach, which is good for your wellbeing.

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