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6 Health Benefits Offered by Holy Basil Seeds

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Holy basil seeds come from a plant that is related to sweet basil, which is commonly used for cooking. However, holy basil is native to Asia and is regarded as a sacred plant, particularly in India. Also known as “tulsi”, holy basil is not only associated with spirituality, but is also employed in traditional healing.

Since this ancient herb is revered for its therapeutic properties, it’s no wonder why the seeds it bears come with medicinal abilities. Looking very much similar to chia seeds, holy basil seeds are becoming more and more popular these days — you can easily come across bottled and canned healthy beverages containing them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the things that holy basil seeds can do:

Promote a Healthy GI Tract

Stomach upset and indigestion can be relieved with holy basil seeds. Thanks to the carminative properties of these seeds, their consumption is proven to be effective against excess gas (flatulence) and abdominal cramps. By the way, since holy basil seeds are fiber-rich, they also improve digestion and promote regularity.

Lower Stress and Anxiety Levels

Holy basil is known as an excellent reliever of both stress and anxiety in the world of aromatherapy and holistic healing. Similarly, the seeds of the plant are also effective in dealing with the said problems that more and more people are suffering from these days, which can cause so many health complications if they are left unmanaged.

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Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Speaking of complications, medical professionals say that chronic inflammation is something that can cause plenty of them, ranging from unsightly acne to deadly cancer. Holy basil seeds are traditionally used for controlling inflammation, keeping it from inflicting havoc to the body and ruining one’s health in various ways.

Prevent and Control Skin Infections

Holy basil seeds can be pressed to have the oils within them extracted. The said oils are known to possess antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory properties, meaning they are very good at warding off and controlling skin infections. Holy basil seed oils are also used for managing all sorts of skin conditions.

Treat Urinary Problems and STIs

Because of the antimicrobial properties of holy basil seeds, they are commonly employed in traditional healing for dealing with urinary tract infections or UTIs. Sometimes, these potent seeds are also used for treating an assortment of sexually transmitted infections or STIs, such as gonorrhea.

Maintain Normal Blood Sugar

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Diabetics and pre-diabetic individuals alike can benefit tremendously from holy basil seeds. It’s for the fact that they are capable of normalizing the rate of absorption of carbohydrates, thereby keeping the amount of sugar present in the bloodstream within the normal and desirable range.

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