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8 Citrus Fruits You Should Be Eating More

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Aside from the lemon and orange there are other citrus fruits that you need to try. Alternating these yummy citrus in your diet will add a little more flavor to the mix. Here are 8 citrus fruits you probably have never heard or tried

Finger Lime

This Australian based fruit is known as the “citrus caviar” because of its pearl lie pulp. It is yummy and juicy perfect for a refreshing snack. Finger lime rind makes a perfect color popping garnish.


Clementine is a close relative of a tangerine. It is a small and sweet fruit is great in dishes or a snack. This food is usually seedless and can be used as a whole or be incorporated into salads and stir fry.


Tangelo is a cross between grapefruit and tangerine. It is juicy and sweet. It is loaded with tart juice that is a perfect alternative to your go-to orange juice. Tangelo is known for its distinctive bump on its end.

Uniq Fruit

Uniq Fruit is a Jamaican based citrus fruit. It is perfect as a refreshing snack. Uniq fruit is usually seedless and incredibly juicy. It tastes like a very sweet version of a tangerine. It is usually pear- shaped.


This Japanese based fruit tastes like a crossover between mandarin and lemon fruit. It’s juice is very zesty. It is one of the main ingredients of the Japanese ponzu sauce. Yuzu taste great with pesto and pancake batter.

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Key Lime

It is a small fruit that is very acidic. Key lime is very juicy and should be a kitchen staple. It is known as the “bartender’s lime”. It is usually incorporated into desserts or in baking.


Kumquats are usually eaten whole. It comes in bite size pieces and is great as a snack. Kumquats flesh is very bitter, but the rind is sweet. The rind and the flesh complement each other, which makes it perfect for pies, breads and jams

Meyer Lemon

It has very little acidic value and has a very sweet tasting flesh. This yellow fruit is great for sorbets, curds and lemonade.

Image credits: stylecraze.com

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