Stress and Weight Gain: How Stress Can Affect Your Weight

Stress is one of the common contributors to weight gain. Another is the presence of cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Stress triggers the release of different hormones in the body.

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Stress can be result of many things. The superhuman demands in the office, being exposed to danger, or going through some emotional turmoil, the body reacts and releases a sudden release of energy. When this happens, the metabolism rate shifts to a higher gear and the circulation of blood is affected.

When this condition is experienced in a longer period of time at a constant rate, the health is at risk. One main result of chronic stress is weight gain. Chronic stress, along with cortisol is two factors that affect weight gains. Here’s why and how:


Neglected Exercise

Busyness takes all the extra time you have to work out. Being stuck in the office forces you to adapt to a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to many harmful effects to body. Excessive weight gain is one.

Emotional Eating

Peaks in the cortisol levels in the body push the body to crave for foods that are unhealthy. Energy released out of nervousness causes a person to eat more, too. People have confessed to ransacking the kitchen and the fridge in times of stress. It becomes a natural reaction to grab something to eat even when the body is not hungry.

Another reason is that busyness encourages the rise of fast foods since there is no more time to cook healthy food at home. A trip to the drive through becomes more inviting than getting yourself worked up with dinner at home, not mentioning the dishes.

Fat Storage

Excessive stress leads to increase in the concentration of fats along the abdomen. Besides that it is aesthetically unacceptable, abdominal fat triggers other health problems.

Prolonged stress leads to the change in the levels of the blood sugar as well. Mood swings are normal with people who experience this. It can result to problems in the metabolism, heart attacks, and diabetes.

Spend time on activities that help you relax and laugh. Live and enjoy life and laugh some more.

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