Because Your Nails Need A Break, Too

“Everything in moderation” – it is a cliché to hear but it also applies to our nails, too.

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Seeing our nails in attractive hues is such a pretty sight to look at. They deserve a post over your Instagram account.

However, having bare nails is the best way to have healthy nails. Many women especially those who have obsession over nail polish won’t like to hear this.  Our nails, just like humans, need a break to be healthy. To have a healthy and healthy looking nails, they should be spared from polish for at least a week. Reducing the amount of time that your nails are polished is best for it allows them to breathe in between manicures or pedicures.

Skin expert reveals that the hard thing on the tip of your finger is a living tissue and oxygen enters through the nail plate to the nail bed. When you smother the nail and nail bed beneath it, the nail will find it difficult to fight off infections like wart virus or nail fungus.  Even podiatrist and nail specialist agrees that polish can starve the nails with oxygen. Other than starving the nails with oxygen, nail polish is quite drying to the nail. Keeping your nails polished for longer duration can dry them out and make them less flexible and strong.

Because our nails are made up of keratin, a protein that helps the nails moisturized and strong, leaving your nail polish for a prolonged period can develop keratin granulation. This nail condition is characterized by white rough, patches on the nail that form when polish is removed along with the superficial layers of nails cells. Therefore, taking a break from mani or pedi is the best way to reverse the damage.

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If you have dry and peeling nails, never cover them with colored polish as it will ruin them in the process.

Apart from nail polish, acetone is another product that creates havoc to our nails. Skin expert reveals that the chemicals found in acetone can dry out the nails and cause breakage. Paradoxically speaking, the product that removes our nail polish can add damage to our nails.

If you are used to getting your fingers done, taking a break from your favorite hues can be hard; however, getting nude nails for a while can be helpful. In between nail paint jobs, keep your nails and cuticles healthy and hydrated by applying a hand moisturizing cream or cuticle oil over the entire nail plate.

Remember that after a two solid weeks of polish, taking a week long break without nail polish is essential for the health of the nails. Without polish, you won’t have to worry about chipped nails as often. In addition, your nails will thank you for doing this.

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