Recipes for Muscle Growth

Nutrition plays a vital role in the field of health and fitness, particularly in building muscles. Along with carbohydrates, which give energy to the body, and fats, which insulate the body’s vital organs, protein in the diet serves as fuel for cellular growth and tissue repair. Thus, the latter nutrient is what the body needs the most when it comes to building muscles and bones. Here are some recipes that help build them.

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Lean beef spinach meatball pasta is one of the meals that aid in building muscles. As per Bodybuilding, the meal is quick to prepare, affordable, delicious, and healthy. According to the publication, including meatballs to the pasta could pack a lot of protein at a small cost, along with minimal hassle when it comes to preparing it. In addition, a person can also include vegetables for additional sources of vitamins and minerals.

The meal is prepared by sauteing the red onions. Use a skillet and spray it with coconut oil. You may also use olive oil. Then, ground beef, raw spinach (chopped), more onions, garlic, and other spices are mixed together thoroughly with the hands, until the spinach is completely mixed with the meat. After that, two to three meatballs are formed using the hands. A food scale can be used to weight and measure the proportion of the balls for uniformity. Then, the meatballs are placed on a baking sheet and are baked in the oven for about ten to 12 minutes. After that, the pasta is cooked; the spinach, tomato, and cheese can be stirred in. When the pasta is cooked, the meatballs are mixed in.

Another protein-packed recipe is the sweet potato Shepherds pie. According to Muscle and Strength, the recipe is a prodigious approach to meet a person’s protein requirement, without messing up the nutrient breakdown. The meal is prepared for about ten minutes and is cooked for one hour.

The ground beef is added to a non stick skillet and is cooked over medium heat. Then, the tomato sauce, vegetables, and seasonings are added in. After that, the mixture is placed into an oven safe dish and mashed sweet potatoes can be added over top. Paprika can be sprinkled, if desired. The meal is baked for 35 to 40 minutes and is served immediately. Ground turkey or chicken breast can serve as alternative to ground beef. Frozen mashed potatoes can also be a substitute to natural mashed sweet potatoes, but the label should be checked because they may contain extra salt and fat.

Some people love stir fry meals. According to Men’s Fitness, the Hawaiian pork stir fry helps speed up fat loss while increasing muscle mass. To prepare, the pork is seasoned with Chinese Five spice and salt while the cabbage is placed on the plate. Then, a large nonstick pan is heated or put over medium-heat. The pan is sprayed while adding onion, garlic, pepper, and pineapple. The mixture stays in the pan until the pepper is cooked to lightly brown on outside and nearly tender. Then, the vegetables are removed from the pan and the pork is added in a single layer, cooking it for about one to two minutes until it becomes just barely pink in color. After that, the vegetable and pineapple mixture are returned to pan and spoon glazed on top and tossed. The stir fry is served over cabbage.

While people should work hard at the gym, it is believed that they should also work smart at the kitchen. This means that proper nutrition work hand in hand with consistent exercises for the person to achieve the body figure he desires.

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