Dangers of Desk Jobs and How to Solve Them

People nowadays are more aware of the dangers of having a desk job since sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to various health problems such as heart attacks, stroke, metabolic syndrome, and even death. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is typical to those who use the computer a lot with a standard keyboard. Diabetes is another health issue linked to desk jobs because of lack of any physical activity. The same is true with weight gain because, aside from not being able to exercise as often as possible, you’re also prone to eating a lot due to stress caused by the work on hand.

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Women who have desk jobs are prone to suffering from misaligned hips since their hips are wider than men. This adds pressure to their spine and knees that will eventually lead to tendinitis and weakness. Another possible health issue associated with desk jobs is dry eyes. The bright glare from your computer monitor and the constant movement of your eyes causes eye strain. And finally, varicose veins can occur in women who tend to sit for long periods of time without moving much.

However, in this day and age, most office work requires prolonged hours of sitting and, although you’ve been hitting the gym from time to time, it won’t be enough to undo what long hours of sitting can do to your body. So, if working out doesn’t do much and you still have to work in the office, what else is there for you to do to avoid being at risk of various health problems?

You need to change your current work environment.

First things first, standing isn’t as easy as it looks. Standing too long can cause musculoskeletal problems specifically on your knees, legs, and your lower back. Although you can stand as long as you like, experts suggest that you spend some of your time standing and sitting.
Aside from this, here are other tips that you can do to add more activity to your day.

1. Standing Desks. This has gained much popularity over the years since studies have shown that this is good for you metabolically speaking. You need to make sure, however, that the height of your desk is appropriate for you so as not to strain your body. Also, wear comfortable shoes and stand on a mat to help cushion your feet.

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2. Office Laps. Since standing for long periods of time can cause musculoskeletal issues as well as varicose veins, do office laps as much as you can to help get your blood circulating. It has been discovered that those who took frequent breaks to walk around the office have better fat and sugar metabolism compared to those who keep on sitting the entire day.

3. Stretching. Just because you’re tied to your office desk it doesn’t mean that you can’t move or exercise a bit. Stretching or moving as much as possible can help lessen the effects of prolonged sitting. Check out office yoga to ease some of the tension off from your body even while you are sitting.

4. Yoga Ball Chair. Sitting on a yoga ball causes minute contractions which can help break down any molecular signals that can lead to metabolic diseases. Also, sitting on this kind of ball engages your core while at the same time improve your sense of balance and posture which is basically you, working out your body even when you’re working. Talk about multitasking.

5. Bring Meetings Outdoors. Sitting in a conference room to discuss your latest project is all well and good but if you’re striving to be healthy and lessen your time sitting on your bottom the entire day, why not move your meetings outside? Not only will this help you get sunshine but also exercise your body which is beneficial to your health.

Desk jobs do have their downsides but if you take the time to follow the tips mentioned above and try to be more active instead of spending the entire day on your bottom, there is a chance that you can avoid suffering from various health risks such as those mentioned above. It’s just a matter of balancing the amount of time that you’re sitting down with the number of hours you are staying active.

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