Have You Heard About Green Coffee and Its Benefits?

The intake of green coffee is one of today’s most popular weight loss approaches among those who feel that they could not lose enough unwanted pounds from proper eating and exercising alone. It is available in extract form, but you can also purchase the kind that you add to a cup of hot water and consume just like instant coffee.

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Green coffee comes from the same plant as regular coffee. In fact, it is regular coffee, except it’s not been roasted. Green coffee is called as such because coffee beans prior to roasting are green in color — coffee beans used for making them simply come in their natural color, so it’s important to note that no coloring or any other chemical is added.


While green coffee provides pretty much the same benefits as regular coffee, it is said to help promote weight loss. No, it’s not just because of the caffeine content that’s known to speed up the metabolism.


Chlorogenic acid — this is the chemical that is believed to assist in weight reduction. While naturally present in coffee beans, most of it gets destroyed during the roasting process. And since green coffee is not roasted, it retains all of those weight-reducing chemical compound found abundantly in unroasted coffee beans.


According to scientists, what makes chlorogenic acid effective for weight loss is the fact that is reduces the ability of the body to absorb carbohydrates. Many people are blaming carbohydrates for their inability to shed off unwanted pounds because, after all, carbohydrates are just sugars, and it’s no secret that sugars are packed with calories.


Then there is also caffeine present in green coffee. A stimulant, caffeine is able to accelerate the metabolism, thus making the burning of excess calories more efficient.


It’s the pairing of chlorogenic acid and caffeine that makes green coffee a really sought after weight loss supplement. So many people who wish to drop unwanted pounds at a much faster rate are turning to green coffee, particularly the extract form that usually comes in capsules. However, there are also plenty of manufacturers that market green coffee just like instant coffee which can be added to hot water.


Aside from the weight loss benefits, there are a bunch of other perks that is said to be offered by green coffee, which makes it perfect not only for those who want to slim down. They include:

Regulated blood sugar

Since chlorogenic acid in green coffee is capable of slowing down carbohydrate absorption, it may be beneficial for diabetics who need to keep high blood sugar levels in check.

Lowered heart disease risk

Green coffee is loaded with antioxidants just like regular coffee, and many of its antioxidants are said to exhibit cardioprotective abilities.

Delayed aging

Antioxidants found abundantly in green coffee are known to slow down the aging process, which can encompass not only the skin but also the joints and more importantly the brain.

Reduced risk of cancer

Those powerful antioxidants in green coffee, based on scientific investigations, may prevent deadly cancer from striking.

Increased levels of energy

Just like regular coffee, green coffee is admired for its ability to boost one’s energy. Green coffee still contains caffeine, which is a well-known stimulating chemical.


Planning on taking green coffee for weight loss purposes? Make sure that you inform your doctor about it first. This is most especially true if you are pregnant or diagnosed with a medical condition.

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